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MFW-ECC - Week 25/26 - China, salt/ocean experiments, and Valentine's Day

Our Week in Review

The tangram game was pretty fun. Click on the links be taken to a site where you can print off your own tangram puzzle pieces to cut out and play around with. Click here for large or here for small. There are also several sample puzzles (animals, people, abstract patterns) your kids can try to copy. Click here for those.

This week was all about the ocean so many of the experiments we did this week dealt with salt.

Experiment #1 - Taste the saltiness of the ocean
*To do this, dissolve 1t of salt in 10T water and take a sip. Bleh! 

Experiment #2 - density of salt water vs fresh water
*Fill 2 large bowls 2/3 full of water.
*Add 10-20T salt to one of the bowl.
*Gently drop an egg into each bowl. 
The egg in the salt water should float.

While the egg in the fresh water sinks straight to the bottom.

Experiment #3 - Salt crystals
*Bring 2 cups of water to a boil in a pan and remove pan from heat.
*Add 1T of salt at a time until salt no longer dissolves.
*Cool just a bit, stir contents of pan, and pour into clear glass jar. (I used a mason jar.)
*Tie a paper clip to one end of string and the other end of string to a pencil. 
*Place into the jar (the string should be about 1 in. from the bottom...ours ended up being a little more) and balance pencil on top of the jar. 

*Place in a sunny window and observe changes each day. 

This experiment did not really work for us due to the fact it rained EVERY. SINGLE. DAY this week. The sun did not make an appearance (not once...all. week. long). As I sit here and type, it is STILL raining. Oh well, perhaps you'll have better luck with this experiment.

Experiment #4 - Ocean Currents Distribute Nutrients
*Fill shallow rectangular pan with water.
*Gently blow across the surface of water (makes small waves and currents).
*Drop a few drops of food coloring into edge of water.
*Gently blow across the surface again and watch how food coloring is distributed (by "currents") throughout the water.

My sister visited China a few months back and sent us a postcard from there. We took some time to reread that card. She said the strangest thing she had to get used to seeing was kids' bare bottoms in public. She said many of the kids wear 'split pants' there and they just 'do their business' wherever they need to...even on the sidewalk :-O

She also said they eat a lot of chicken....FEET that is. Gross!

Aside from some of the crazy foods and potty training customs, she said China was beautiful including many of its structures like the Xi'an Tower they visited pictured above.

Gladys Aylward is quite an amazing woman! Every chapter has us on the edge of our seats. We can't wait to hear where her adventures take her next week :)

~Valentine's Day~
Because this week was also Valentine's week, the kiddos had some fun making cards for their Dad and their grandparents :)

I hope you had a great, but less rainy week as well!

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  1. I love looking at your experiments because you are a couple weeks ahead of me! Heading to China this week. Are you planning to do CtG next school year?


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