Sunday, May 13, 2012

MFW-ECC Week 34 - Lots of things coming to a close...

Our Week in Review
While I am sad to see ECC coming to an end, I must admit, the break will be nice. Time to gear up and get ready for Creation to the Greeks...which I am SUPER excited about!!!

The kids enjoyed listening to as many of their favorite songs from throughout the year as they could. I have to say, their overall favorite was the very first song they ever learned with ECC...'Hello to All the Children of the World'.

Here is a recap from early on in the school year...

I asked the kids to tell me their favorite art project from this year. All they came up with was, "I can't decide" or "All of them". Seeing that I can't put EVERY picture from the year here, my favorite art project from the year was the blow art painting. It was different and fun...a nice twist on something the kids already loved to do...paint!


While I know the book Properties of Ecosystems has been wordy and a little too advanced from time to time, I have to say, we enjoyed it overall. After teaching in the public school system, it is totally refreshing to see a science book written from a biblical perspective. It was nice for my kids not to have to separate fact from fiction at such a young age and get a good solid biblical grounding while they are still young. 

I went to church all my life, but I have to tell ya, the lines became muddied in my mind from time to time with all that talk of millions of years and evolution. It is good to know there are books out there like this one... one that goes along with the Bible, one my kids can understand clearly, and one that helps them separate the fact from fiction with ease and even refute the fiction with the fact :)

We all had a lot of fun traveling from country to country. Along the way, we learned tons of new and interesting things, ate some strange food, and took part in fun crafts and activities. The kids' passports and notebooks are completely filled up. I plan to take their things down to the local print shop and see if I can get all their papers and things spiral bound together for easier and safer keeping.

The kids did really well on their post-tests of labeling the various continents and countries when compared to the pre-tests they took. The did much better than I ever could at that age...that's for sure :) 

It's good to know they ARE actually learning!

The Bible part of MFW ended a few weeks back for us. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about all the missionaries. Their testimonies and faith in God was truly awe-inspiring.

Lately we've been focusing in on AWANA verses for our Bible time. Both J and A will finish their books and get their end of the year book awards. I am so proud of them! They've have completed every available book so far from Cubbies on up to Sparks for A and T&T for J. 

My daughter's dance came to an end. The recital was wonderful! We love going to a dance studio where God in apparent in everything...from the music to the costumes to the message :) Aleeya absolutely loves to dance and she will miss going to practice every week, but the summer break will be nice.

My son's band came to an end for the summer this week as well. Jase has had lots of fun and he has come a really long way. He is very talented at playing the trumpet.

We also had our last co-op class day this week as well. Whew!
Here is a picture of the kiddos and all of the items they collected for the local Crisis Pregnancy Center.

To top off the week, the kids had a blast on the slip-n-slide they earned from saying LOTS and LOTS of Bible verses in AWANA.

My posts will probably be pretty slim through the summer. I plan to post our weekly adventures in My Father's World 'Creation to the Greeks' starting in August. 

Have an awesome summer everyone!