Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CtG Weeks 23, 24, & 25

Here are a few highlights from our weeks...

These weeks have whizzed by and I just have not done a good job on keeping up with blogging them. 

Oh well...

Most subjects are going well. We've had to slow down a bit in math for a week or 2 there. The upper times tables are giving my daughter a hard time. I really need to do better at having her listen to the multiplication songs so she can memorize and spout them out more quickly. That will be our goal for the remainder of this year. My son is into fractions and all the ways you can boggle your mind with them. He catches on pretty quickly though. 

Science has still been kind of boring lately. I think its mainly b/c we have done so many of these activities and experiments before. Either that, or they just aren't very appealing to us. We gave up on the read-aloud, Children's Homer. I may have mentioned that in the last post...can't remember. My son said he plans to read the book, but he has lots of other books he wants to get to first.

If you have the Drive Thru History series, sometime during Week 25 would be a great time to watch Holy Lands, Volume 4, Episode #1

Art has been great, which is surprising, considering my blue-eyed boy usually despises art. I did actually snap a few pictures in this area.

In these pictures, the kids are mixing colors to make new ones. We all got in on this and had some fun seeing how close we could match the colors we saw on the art postcard.

The background was supposed to be much lighter in color, but this was totally my fault. We mixed up a big ol batch (of the wrong color paint) and I hate to waste stuff. The kids said they liked this color better, so we went with it.

Anywho, it's getting into crunch time and I can feel it. I am eager to finish out this year and excited about planning for the next year. I just got some of next year's curriculum ordered and I can't wait to get my hands on all of it :)