My Father's World - Rome to the Reformation

 Please feel free to use any ideas, projects, or tips in your own schooling :)

Jennifer, over at Hydrangeas and Harmony, has some great blog posts all about RtR too. She has even put together an awesome video list week by week for RtR. Here is a link to Weeks 1-18 and a link to Weeks 19-34

Week 1 - Rome, Tablets, and Cells

Week 2 - Romans, Pets, and Brains

Week 3 - science, Saturnalia, and grumpy kitty

Week 4 - mosaics, clay creatures, and rotten Romans

Week 5 - soaps, sponsors, and sickness

Week 6 - Roman arches, internet links, and a Free online lego aqueduct class

Week 7 - Pax Romana, hearing, and mission projects

Week 8 - LEGO aqueduct, and "electrifying" field trip, and lots of Rotten Roman videos

Week 9 - Peacock poo, a pumpkin carving contest, and a vortex cannon

Week 10 - A very busy week

Week 11 - 2 Field Trips in One week!

Week 12 - Gladiators, the Early Church, and a Few Good Emperors

Week 13 - Constantine, the Nicene Creed, and the Fall of Rome

Week 14 - Ready for the new year!

Week 15 - Falling Behind...

Week 16 - Barbarians and the Islamic Invasion

Weeks 17-20 - Can you tell I'm running behind?

Week 21 - The Crusades, Knights, and Robin Hood

Week 22 - The sun, melting chocolate, a color experiment, and a FREE China Lapbook

Week 23 - China, Haiku, and Samurai

Weeks 24 & 25 - Marco Polo, Black Death, and Joan of Arc

Weeks 26 - 34


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