Tuesday, October 22, 2013

RtR Week 8 - LEGO aqueduct, an "electrifying" field trip, and lots of rotten Roman videos

Here are a few highlights from our week...

On Monday, the kids participated in a free online Lego class about aqueducts through Currclick. The instructor always does a great job providing the history behind what the kids are going to be building as well as step by step instructions as they build. They had lots of fun. My daughter built the kit that went along with the lesson and my son built his own creation from the Legos he already had on hand.

We have been VERY relaxed in this area. We watched a cutesy video made by kids that sort of caught us up on the life of Haydn tho. So, we called it good and are ready to move on.


We finished up the Mystery of the Bible series about Herod. The kids lost interest somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd segment, but I was interested so I watched them all. There was only 1 part that I disagreed with. I believe it was somewhere in the 3rd or 4th segment. To some degree, it sounded as if they suggested Herod murdering all the male babies under age 2 was a made up story simply because it wasn't found in Josephus' book of writings. Really?!? There are a lot of things that happened around that time period, but were not mentioned in Josephus' book, so I guess they didn't happen too? The Bible states otherwise, so I know it to be a fact. Other than that, it was pretty interesting.


This week, we focused in on the Roman army. Here is a comical Rotten Roman video to go with Roman armies. The kids love it when they get to watch the Rotten Roman videos and this week was full of them!

Here is another one about surviving in the Roman army.

And another funny about deserting the Roman army.

And yet one more about executions since that was covered in The Roman Empire this week when discussing what would happen to slaves if they tried to sneak in and join the Roman army.

In Augustus Caesar this week, one of the chapters was about Germanic tribes, we we watched a video to go along with it. It really didn't add much to our studies and we could have left it out all together.


There were several Chloe and the Nerb videos to go along with everything we learned in science this past week.  Hair video, nail video, skin video

The kids also completed the activity from the Body Book. This activity had a lot of cutting and coloring. Even my brown-eyed girl thought it was a bit much.


We finished the week up with an "electrifying" field trip. We watched the ArcAttack show at the local theater. This was a group that was featured a few years ago on America's Got Talent. It was a ood show. The kids learned about the Tesla coil and how it goes with music. Here are a few pictures...

Next week, we have not one, but TWO fun field trips planned...and i guess we'll fit a little school somewhere in there too ;)

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