Wednesday, October 16, 2013

He's Still Working On Me...

I had forgotten what it was like to actually be home (all. day.). Yesterday was one of those days.

 No errands to run, no appointments to make, no mission projects I had obligated ourselves to be at. Just home...

I find we don't have to rush and can take our time to finish school. Imagine that! I actually have time to play with my kids. Dinner is on the table in time to actually sit down and enjoy eating together. We get most of our chores done and get the house fairly clean...well, decently clean anyway ;)

Sure, there are lots of opportunities for things you can do to fill up your day and when people know you are a 'stay at home home schooling mom' they will definitely use that to their advantage, but I am learning, it is ok to say no. 

I have just felt so overwhelmed lately...and a bit crabby because of that too :(

I don't have anyone to blame, but myself though. I have a bad habit of overly cramming my schedule so that when one little deviation or one unexpected appointment or errand pops up, I immediately feel overwhelmed and irritated. It shouldn't be this way; I shouldn't be this way.

So, changes are in store. Some won't happen till the end of this school year, but others will start happening now. I need to seek what God has for us to do and participate in...not just what I want to do. 

When I was reading through the Old Testament, I would get so mad at the Isrealites and how they'd go off and do their own things and totally forget about or disregard God. I'd think, "Haven't they learned yet, or Don't they know that by now?!?" Sadly, I find myself in the same predicament all too often.

I think Satan is really good at filling our lives with "stuff". Sometimes good, well meaning, worthy "stuff", but if this stuff is keeping you from doing what God has for you or if you find yourself talking at God instead of with God, something is seriously wrong. 

It's time to slow down and give the control back to God. 

I am so thankful He continues to love us, and help us, and care for us. Despite all of my sin sin, He's still working on me :-D


  1. Pauline, this is so true. I've come and gone - back and forth - through this scenario so many times over the years. And, you're so right! We can be as busy as we want to make ourselves, but it's not fulfilling and it's not satisfying if we are neglecting the things that God really wants us to be doing.


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