Thursday, October 10, 2013

RtR Week 6 - Arch Activities, internet links, and an upcoming FREE online Lego aqueduct class

Here are a few highlights from our week...

My husband and son attended a hunter education course on Saturday. It was 6 hours long, but for a 10 year old, our son hung in there and did very well :) He was the youngest in the class. The next in age were teenagers from one of the local high schools who *ahem* slept through some of the course material. My husband was not impressed with their behavior, but was glad the instructor called them out on! Our blue-eyed boy was answering questions out-loud and made an awesome grade on the test. 

My brown-eyed girl and I did not get our mother-daughter date. She was not feeling well from possibly eating something containing gluten earlier in the week and slept most of the day :( 

Another good week...drawing boxes and paper bags without using horizon lines and starting points...all went well, no complaints :)

This week, we are focusing in on Old Testament prophesies and their New Testament fulfillments.

We always look forward to history each day. So many new things to learn!

The kids had fun completing the first arch activity using index cards.
Flat bridge

Only held 9 pennies

arch bridge

20 pennies and counting!

adding a few horses (nickels) and soldiers (quarters)

final count: 20 pennies, 5 nickels, and 3 quarters before collapsing 

Here is a link to a brief, but informative video overview of arches.

Here is a link to pictures of the Tiber river bridges mentioned in the teacher's manual.

And here is a link to pictures of the Pantheon also mentioned in the teacher's manual.

Instead of doing the jello/pudding box arch activity, we chose to play a game called Arch Rival. It is a VERY old game that hubs and I had long before we ever had kids, but the kids enjoy it, so we've kept it around.

First, they constructed their arch using the help of the green/blue frames.

After removing the frames, they were left with a very nice arch.

After that, they played the game a few times.

The kids are really looking forward to building a Roman aqueduct out of Legos in a few weeks through a free online Currclick class. The lady who teaches the classes always does such a wonderful job explaining the history behind whatever it is the kids are making. The Lego classes are free and they always have a supply list you can gather yourself or you can purchase inexpensive Lego kits from her. Find out more here :)


  1. The arch rival game looks fun! And probably less calories than 15 boxes of pudding. LOL

  2. LOL! That was part of my reasoning for skipping the jello box part...we just aren't big jello eaters and I just couldn't see pouring all of it out.


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