Friday, October 11, 2013

RtR Week 7: Pax Romana, hearing, and mission projects

Here are a few highlights from our week...

This week has been extremely stressful and busy. Anytime we start a new mission project there is an adjustment time in trying to make it all work and flow smoothly. It didn't help that we were already behind from the week before AND we had 2 mission projects this week. 

Last week, we participated in 40 Days for Life which is just a 40 day stretch, once a year, peaceful prayer vigil against abortion. Basically, for a few hours on one of the 40 days, we stand outside of our local abortion clinic silently praying with some holding various signs about praying to end abortion, or how we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God in the hopes of deterring just one person from getting an abortion or thinking twice about what abortion really is. We also had on hand literature to help those women considering abortion as well as those who may have had an abortion for counseling and after-care.

This week, we volunteered at the Clothes Closet at our church. We spent a few hours sorting and hanging clothes. The very next morning, bright and early, we helped with Kids for Christ at one of the local public schools. My little brother attends this particular school so we like to stay involved in what he is doing. It is a great way for him (and my kids) to reach out to their friends so they can hear about the love of Christ. My kids really enjoyed this one :)

And finally, we also had co-op at the end of this week. The kids ALWAYS enjoy their classes and especially playing at the park afterward. Mom, however, is thoroughly worn out!

Another easy and complaint free week of drawing books, Bibles, and boxes in art - Yay!

We have started back at the beginning in the life of Christ with the birth of John the Baptist then went on to cover the birth of Christ to the Magi. I totally forgot about the Drive Thru History Series I had stored away on the shelf, so we are going to be viewing several of those videos in the weeks to come as well as a little bit of catch up ;) I will try to post the videos soon that correlate with the various weeks in MFW.

We didn't enjoy Augustus Caesar's World as much this week. I felt like we jumped around a lot in time and I had a hard time following the chronological story line when it came to talking about the Greek philosophers and trying to figure out how/where they fit into the timeline. There just seemed to be a lot going on and it doesn't take much for me to get confused anyway :/ At the end of the week though, we were back on track somewhat in discussing Augustus and Jesus again. 

We watched another silly Rotten Roman video about Caesar Augustus.

We also started watching a series of YouTube videos about Herod and plan to finish up next week.

Here is a video that goes along with Pax Romana.

This week, we focused on the ear. The activity listed in The Body Book was not all that clear when it came to putting all the pieces together. I *think* we did it right. I do SOOO much better when it comes to gluing and taping if I can see the finished product or at least step by step pictures or diagrams. Either way, the kids got the idea ;)

Be sure to check out the Usborne Internet Links that go along with the First Encyclopedia of the Human Body. There are some fun games and videos about the ear that my kids enjoyed this week.

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