Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I think I've known it all along...

Well, here we are in June and still have not found a home. If you happened to read this post, you'll recall that we put an offer on that home and promptly withdrew it due to a crazy owner, um, I mean, crazy complications. Fast forward about 3 months and that owner came back to us and offered for us to buy the home at his previous lower listing price. Maybe it was meant to be after all!

There was just one catch...the owner was not willing to budge on price if anything negative happened to come back on the inspection. So, we trudged forward assuming the seller was being completely honest with his disclosures and signed to purchase the home 'as is'. 

During the inspection, the owner commandeered my husband the ENTIRE time...telling stories, giving advice, suggestions, or "recommendations" as he called them, how we were to run things in order for them to work properly, etc... Did I mention he was a little over the top?!? My husband was not able to walk around with the inspectors despite the many times I tried to pull him away.  

My husband turned to me at one point and said, "I'm overwhelmed, I just want to leave".

I'm stubborn, so we trudged on. 

At the end of the inspection, there were several small things and one somewhat large thing that caught our attention. Still, it was a decent price, so we pushed our hesitations aside and decided to move forward. 

That night, things were finally quiet and calm enough and my husband and I started going over the events of the day. We went through the inspection report line by line and talked about all the little repairs we had to make, all the oddities of the home and the way certain things were "rigged" up by the owner, little things that worked during our last visit 3 months ago that didn't work this time around, and the big issue - LOTS of rotting areas under the eaves that had previously been painted over. So many questions and hesitations came to the forefront. We both got the impression the owner was struggling to keep his home afloat and we did not want to walk into the mess we were sure he'd leave behind another 2 months from now. Neither of us got a good nights sleep. 

By the next morning, we both wanted out. We spoke with the loan officer and our realtor and put a hold on everything to really give us time to pray about buying this home. Thank God for those option days!

So, with 3 days left before we lost any earnest money, we signed off to end the deal. Neither of us felt complete peace because there was just so much uncertainty, but we BOTH felt like a huge weight had been lifted. 

Not only did we say no to this house, we said no to looking to buy another home all-together...and for good this time.

We are done. 

After tallying up all the repairs we'd have to make at that house, the few things we had to do on ours didn't seem so bad anymore. I have a new appreciation for my home and a new thankfulness for what I have. 

God wanted us to stay right here...and I think I've known it all along...it just took me a little while to get there ;)

Monday, May 9, 2016

Gold Stars for...Everyone?

Let's face it...we are living in a time where every parent thinks their kid deserves to win a trophy or make the team regardless of if they ever put in the time and effort.

As a parent who has a child who works her tail off to better herself and pushes herself to advance and improve, parents the like above mentioned make me angry.

Oh sure, there are "supposed" to be skill requirements, but in reality, the enforcement of those requirements are purely up to the people in charge. When you require only certain people to meet those requirements and not others, you "cheapen" the efforts of those kids who practice their tails off at home or elsewhere. 

And don't think for a second these kids don't see what is going on! 

Those kids whose efforts are cheapened end up disappointed, let down, and wary of the integrity of the people in charge. Those kids who get what they want regardless of the effort they put in end up growing up thinking everything is owed to them and they deserve it simply for being on the earth.

There is an entire generation of twenty-something loafers out there who think they deserve exactly what the hard-working people get and its only getting worse with each new generation. 

*Enter the younger version of Bernie Sanders*

I get it...I get that we want our kids to have fun and be included. Sure, every child needs to be acknowledged for trying out and for whatever effort they put in with a participation award or participation ribbon, but to give every child a gold star or a trophy or a spot on the team simply for showing up? That's just sad...

So, go ahead, keep your gold stars, just don't ask me where I'd like you to stick them.