Friday, July 18, 2014

Weeks 26 to the end...

Here are a few highlights from our week...

I'm behind...again. This seems to be my norm now. 

Between a week of vacation, a week of testing, various family members in and out of hospitals, shuttles to and from doctor visits, newly acquired bees, a dance recital, and rocketry camp...some things just had to give and my weekly posts about school was one of them.

Instead of writing about everything, I'll just post a few photos I managed to snap to sum up what we did our last weeks of school. 

Also, check out Jennifer's video playlist for Weeks 26-34. Lots of good ones in there. 

When you get to Week 29, check out the Angry Aztecs video clips on You Tube. There are some pretty entertaining ones ;)

Hard to believe, by the time I got around to actually posting this, that summer is well under way and planning for our new school year has already begun.

I hope you guys have a wonderful summer!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Why I Home School (Part 3)

Don't get me wrong, I never doubted the Bible for a second. I knew what my parents told me was true. I know what I learned in church was right. I knew the Bible was correct, but how could I meld the two worlds together though without giving into the idea of evolution and millions of years or fit the churchy-biblical historical events in with what I was learning in history class at school? 

I couldn't. At least I never really sorted it out while in high school. I never realized that some of the historical figures we learned about in high school history class were some of the very same ones I learned about in Sunday school. I didn't understand how the dumb cave dwelling people fit in the timeline with the intelligent individuals (Adam and Eve) God created in the beginning of the world. I didn't understand a lot of things then :/

I was never taught apologetics or how to defend my faith. I recall disagreeing with some of my teachers on certain things, but how could I explain it to them as to why I believed what I believed other than saying, "Because the Bible says so." I guess I felt helpless in a way. I did not feel properly equipped. And I grew up in church! I knew every Bible story forwards and backwards. I could rattle off all the books of the Bible and win every Bible drill, but I could not defend my own faith against some of the lies I was being taught in school. Because of all this, I really didn't like history or science in school. I did well in the classes, but I didn't like or enjoy them...especially history...I really despised history.

I also didn't understand how I had teachers who professed to be Christians or who I knew went to church, but taught some of these lies to me or simply left God, the Bible, or creationism out of the equation all-together. Not all did this, but some did. Oh boy! I sure could get off on a tangent here about a few teachers who utterly destroyed their Christian witness not only with this, but also with their behavior, language, and actions in the school...but that's not what this post is about ;)

It's about discipleship and I wanted my kids to be taught and discipled by people who loved God and were not afraid to share the truth. I wanted my kids to be taught by people who were not perfect, but admitted when they were wrong and strived to be a good example of Christ and His love. I didn't want them growing up being confused. I wanted them to see through the lies of millions of years and evolution, understand not just that it was wrong, but why it was wrong. I wanted them to understand how Bible history fit perfectly in with "school" history.

Around the same time that the enormity of what God had called me to do in homeschooling my kids hit me, I was introduced to a curriculum called My Father's World. It had Christ infused throughout every subject. They were learning apologetics...and at such a young age! They were made aware of the lies out there and understood why those lies were wrong. They were learning how to defend their faith. History made sense to them...history made sense to me :)

I felt like I was back in school right along with my kids learning the way I should have all along...and I loved it! 

And for the record...history is my absolute favorite subject now ;)