Saturday, September 28, 2013

Week 5 - a light school week, but busy everywhere else...soaps, sponsors, and sickness

Here are a few highlights from our week...

For starters, the father-son hunting class was rescheduled for this weekend which meant the mother-daughter outing was also rescheduled. It was ok though...the kids have been really wanting to build a fort or a playhouse or something. So, that 'spare' day was spent with dad and the kids setting the posts and laying the floor for the fort. The kids had not just one, but TWO friends sleepover, so the weekend was packed with non-stop fun for them :)

It went ok this week. I compromised with my blue-eyed boy as far as adding any "fluff" to his artwork. As long as he practiced the particular technique they were learning that week (drawing houses with perspective), he could leave all the "fluff" to his sister for her artwork ;) 

Ahhh, music... This is the one area I have been relaxed in. We did the first 2 lessons where it talked about the life of Haydn, but past that? We haven't done much. This happened to us last year, but we eventually caught up. I'm hoping that happens this year too. If not, it won't be the end of the world in the whole scheme of things ;)

This section touches on some of the main themes/points throughout the book of Romans. I personally wish it was more in-depth, but for my kids ages, it is sufficient.

Because I have 2 kids doing RtR and 2 sets of NT cards,  they turned the New Testament game into more of a matching game instead of the game listed in the teacher's manual.

Augustus Caesar's World seemed a bit slow and uninteresting this week. It looks like it will pick up next week though. The read-aloud is going well. Sometimes we read a little head because we are all enjoying the story so much.

During the read-alound, the kids completed the tongue activity from The Body Book.

They also tasted 4 different foods to reinforce sweet, sour, bitter, and salty.


The kids recently adopted 2 dogs...Bowser and Maisey Jewel.

One of our dogs was sponsored which meant we got a price break on the overall cost. 

So, the kids and I thought it would be nice to "pay it forward" and sponsor another dog for someone else. They found out there were two 8 year old siblings who were having a hard time getting adopted. So, instead of sponsoring one, they sponsored 2 dogs. Siblings sponsoring siblings :)

The kids got to go down and meet the dogs, play a bit with them, and take pictures with them. The dogs are sooo sweet and very well behaved, but because they are older and black in color, they are having a hard time getting adopted. 

Anyway, to save up money to sponsor the dogs, the kids are doing extra chores and even washing their own dogs instead of taking them to get washed. 

We also went to the Hope Women's Resource Clinic to volunteer this week. The kids helped sort, fold, and put out LOTS and lots of baby clothes for the ladies who came into the boutique.

And on yet another day, we went and purchased some soap from a fellow homeschooling mom and friend. We LOVE all of her soaps and other goodies! Margery Mae's has such great prices and the products are awesome and full of essential oils which are great for your body and skin :) Check her out here if you are interested...

The only downside to our week was our brown-eyed girl did not feel well several days this week. We *think* she ate something that contained gluten which gives her intestinal system a terrible time :(  We are also headed back to Texas Children's soon to rule out any kidney problems since that is where the most of her recent pain has been localized especially when she eats/drinks anything high in sugar content. 

Well, that about sums up our week. Kinda slow as far as school is concerned, but busy everywhere else :)

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