Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week 3 MFW - Rome to the Reformation: science, Saturnalia, and grumpy kitty

Here are a few highlights from our week...

My son actually enjoyed art this week! He's all about making the cubes and 3-D figures look realistic. It's more technical and less creative, and I think he enjoys that aspect of these particular art lessons.

Writing is still a different story. I found these pictures on the internet and showed them to him and told him this is what he looks like during writing. He will at least crack a smile for 'grumpy kitty'!

We are focusing on the books of the New Testament. We are reading key passages from each book to get the overall theme/message of the books, as well as who God used to author the books, and to whom the books were written. I did not realize just how many New Testament books Paul had written!

This is my favorite part each day. I am making so many historical as well as Biblical connections. The history I learned in public school and the history I learned in church were not from two different time periods after all...I love how I see the correlation between the two now. It is all starting to make sense in my little pea-brain :) The big connection this week was with the despised Herod, so-called 'King of the Jews' and his early beginnings.

Augustus Caesar's World has it's slow parts, but the kids and I find many parts very intriguing. I love how the history comes to life in story book format. I know this book is not written from a Christian perspective or by a Christian author, but keeping that in mind, it has helped me and my kids to make many historical Biblical connections. I remind my kids quite frequently about idol worship and idolatry, what the Bible says about that, as well as asking them critical thinking questions to keep their minds alert to these deceptions. There were some parts of the 'Cleopatra and Antony' chapter that we just skipped all together. Too much lovey-doveyness for their young minds.

We also learned about Hanukkah (and I plan to learn more of that later this year) and about Saturnalia. Saturnalia is the Roman festival honoring the god Saturn. I know that most of our modern day holidays and celebrations had various origins from pagan holidays and celebrations when the Roman Church at that time tried to get the people to focus less and less on paganism and tie them more in with Christian meanings. I also know that Christmas originally had pagan origins, but I either don't remember or never knew the origins were related to Saturnalia. In doing a little more research (on my own outside of homeschool), I read about some of the disgusting practices during Saturnalia. I know human sacrifice was prevalent back then, but it still shocks me that people used to do that and have such little regard for human life.

I know some people, even a few in my extended family, who do not participate in the normalcies of Christmas because of this or other things...and that's ok. We all have to search our own hearts and reasons for why we do or do not do things and ultimately follow where he Lord is leading us. For our family, Christmas is a time to honor Christ's birth (and yes, we know it wasn't really on Dec. 25th), glorify God for the saving life gift of His Son, and a time to rejoice with family through giving gifts.

We are actually enjoying these more simplified activities as opposed to setting up and getting ready for some sort of long and drawn out experiment. 

This week, instead of using a cotton ball during the blinking/involuntary reflex activity, I sat them down in chairs, gave them safety glasses, and threw Nerf darts at them. They were totally not expecting that! They got the point and were quite surprised...LOL.
They were a little leery as to what I was up to...
The hot or cold regulator activity was fun too. I even tried this one, however, I'll not post the picture the kids took of me..ugh...I am getting old!

And last, but not least, I will leave you with a few other funny pictures we came across when I stumbled across 'grumpy kitty'. 
Mustache kitty

Fierce Kitty

Crazy kitty

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