Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 11 - 2 field trips in one week!

Here are a few highlights from our week...

So, this week proved to be just as crazy as the last with 2 field trips AND a co-op day, but again, we managed to get in 3 days of school work and the kids got to do lots of things they have never done before. I think we are making up for our lack of field trips last year. This year may be a record :-O

With such a busy week, something had to give...and this was it. Besides, the kids remembered the portrait of Caligula they drew last year in God and the History of Art.

Paul was one busy guy. It has been interesting tracking all of his trips tho and to see how everything fits together with history.

Caligula (Gaius) was one messed up dude! He tried to attack the sea, killed numerous people (just because), and made his horse a senator...among other things.

Here are a few Rotten Roman videos to go along with history this week:

Caligula's crazy speech
His attack on Poseidon

Galen and the Gateway to Medicine is actually a pretty good read. We thought it was going to be boring, but it's not too bad.

We also learned about teeth. Here is a short video from Chloe and the Nerb about teeth.

The bone activity and the skeleton model we were supposed to do last week, but moved to this week, will have to be moved the next week. Maybe, just maybe we'll get it done then :/  

Since we are studying Rome to the Reformation this year, we decided to go to the Texas Renaissance Festival. We went on a school day and BOY am I glad we went then. I can't imagine what it is like on a regular day! Some of the comments and attire pushed my limits of acceptability especially for a school day.  

We went with their cute little cousins which made the day even more eventful :-D

We also went to Berryland farms. The kids got to launch mini pumpkins, walk through a corn maze, climb a hay bale tower, ride a culvert swing, go on a hay ride, and slide about a gazillion times down this HUGE hill slide.


  1. We went to our local Ren Faire on a school day also. It was really cool but yes, some of the costuming was a little less-than-appropriate. I wonder why it's like that. ?? It was interesting though. My younglings really enjoyed the falconry demonstration, the jousting, and the human chess game.

    1. We didn't get to see the bird demonstration :( It started raining and they didn't want them to fly in the rain. Once it stopped, the guy did come out and bring a bird or 2 out for the kids to see and did a little talk on each. The jousting was really good. They didn't have a human chess game at this one, but that is pretty cool. They have one on the Galveston Strand from time to time. My kids were probably too young to remember tho ;)


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