Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So why exactly is homeschooling so controversial?

This has been on my mind lately...a lot. It could be due to recent comments people have made to me or to others or recent discussions I have been a part of. 

Whether you feel it is a calling or a choice, either way, a decision is homeschool or not to homeschool.

So, why exactly is this particular decision SO controversial?

I actually had an educator not too long ago tell me that the reason the public schools are in such disarray was because of all of the Christians leaving the public schools. So basically, this person point blank told me that I (and others like me) were the reason schools were failing. 


My head was spinning! I wanted to get into a discussion with this person and "enlighten" them to the facts. No, no, it couldn't possibly be the schools were already failing their children and because of that, they chose to pull them out and seek alternative means. It could not possibly be because lofty bureaucrats who have never set foot in a classroom or even taught children were handing down new regulations and laughable curriculum. Nope, it couldn't be that terrible educators were teaching their children and they wanted something better. Not all, but some. There are a lot of excellent teachers out there, but sometimes, 1 rotten one is all it takes. (I can say that because I was an educator myself and I saw firsthand. There are just some people who should NEVER be teachers.) Nor could it be that, for some people, like myself, felt called by God to homeschool their kids or people who simply wanted to homeschool to give their children a biblical worldview. However, this was not the time or the place for that discussion, after all, I have to see this person at church week after week and I don't think it mattered what the facts actually were, this person had their mind made up.  

What I find really ironic is it is mainly the homeschooling families that are targeted as being controversial. You can pull your child out of one public school to put him in another (even if it is a totally different town) and it is accepted. You can pull your child out of public school and enroll him in a charter school and people don't bat an eye. You can even take your child out of public school and put him in a Christian school and usually no one says a thing. But HOMESCHOOL?!? You might as well have committed some unpardonable sin!

I think, what really gets to me the most though, is that some people...people I had considered friends, would think this way about me. And that hurts. How do I know this? Little comments here and there, snide remarks, or just plain ol' ignorant statements. I have always been respectful of others education choices for their children. I have never been one to push my views and my reasonings onto anyone else. I try not to 'jump on the bandwagon of negativity' even when they come to me upset and talking about whatever recent thing is going on in their children's schools. I try to listen and be a supportive friend. Having been a public school teacher, I try to offer advice that is relevant for their child in their situation. I only offer advice on homeschooling if it is asked of me always pointing out my personal reasons for homeschooling. I always make sure to tell them to pray and seek what God has for them and their families. I cannot make that decision for them. They must make it for themselves. 

It's honestly hard to know who to trust when it comes to talking about homeschooling. I mean, I know I can trust my fellow homeschooling friends, but I worry about people who come to me for advice or information who do not homeschool. I know most are sincere, but there are those who take what I say and twist it or think that I think they are horrible for having their kids in public school or something.

Aren't we all just trying to educate our children the way we feel is best for them? Whether it's homeschool, public school, charter school, or private school?

Then why the controversy or competition? 

I don't look at my friends down the street at a different Baptist church and think any less of them because they don't go to MY church. We are all believers doing our best to give God the glory and point others to Him.

I don't criticize others for eating at The Olive Garden instead of Jason's Deli. We all just want some good food.

I don't question anyones choice to enroll their child into one sport versus another. They all just want to play.

Then why would I think any less of someone because of their schooling choices? We are all just trying to educate our children...Aren't we?

I like what Matt Walsh said in one of his recent blog posts. I may not always agree with what he writes or how he puts things, but I loved the punch line in this particular one..."we are going to homeschool our kids, but that's only because we hate education."

Hmm, maybe that's why homeschooling is so controversial...we must all hate education...LOL!!!


  1. That is EXACTLY how it is. I always feel that I can be supportive of public school families, but even if they are saying they are supportive of our choice I know they are usually just saying that to my face. I catch things that people let slip that they don't even realize or I hear things they have said to others that they think I will never hear about. It all really bugs me, but I just feel it is a form of "persecution" that we must endure and one more way that I know I have to "die to self". Thank God for the HUGE homeschool support we have locally. I hope others out there in other areas are able to find the support we have here in our area. It would be so lonely without that.

    Hey, one thing I have been wondering is if I post a reply to your comment on my blog do you get any sort of notification.

    1. Yes, usually I will get a notification sent to my email letting me know someone commented. Every once in a while, one will slip by me tho ;)

    2. Oh, I just remember something...I do have to check a little box on someone else's blog if I want to get a reply to a comment I left...subscribing me to that comment. If you don't check the box, you won't get a notification.

  2. Pauline, this is a great post! (I think I say that about ALL your posts :)

    I get so fed up with the attitude, the arrogance, the rudeness, the belittling comments and I could go on and on! The things that have been said to my face about how kids that homeschool will never be as smart, the parents are strange, the kids are strange, they can't read, don't know how to sit in public, are strange because they have a music room in their house, and on and on, are so idiotic, it still floors me to this day! And I've been doing this forever!

    I have YET to ever go to a person with a child in gov't school and tell them they are horrible parents or that their kids are dumb, heathens, etc. However, I've had to stare straight into someone's face as they say that they are glad my kids get out every now and then or that I'm ruining my kid's lives! Hello! My son is on a music tour in the UK! I don't think I scarred him for life!

    You know that Toby Keith song - "How do you like me now?" That's what I really want to shout from the mountain top :)

    You made some great points about all the different options in education. However, the one option they can't tolerate is homeschooling and truthfully, I believe it's because they feel threatened by it! They are jealous that the gov't doesn't control us or our children and they have basically given up their rights as parents.

    If you sit in a room full of moms from the system, all you hear is an hour of griping and complaining about how they don't like this and that or so and so. However, try to suggest they pull their kids out and you become the devil.

    Honestly, I gave up years ago, even trying to talk about it. They always have an excuse and frankly, I'm not interested anymore.

    They don't EVER show an interest in what we do all day or how or why, so I personally decided that I don't care about what goes on in the schools. My child will never go there and I praise God every day for that. I truthfully think some of the moms are convicted greatly about sending their kids off every day, but how would they go to the gym or get their nails done if they had to tote around their kids all day?

    Ok, you got me fired up! I have to go calm down so I can drive my other (unsocialized) kid to church now, so he can play in the youth band and then play two more music gigs this week on Thursday and Friday with adults.

    Don't you feel sorry for them?

    1. You are so funny! I think your boys are some of the most well rounded homeschool kids I know...opportunities galore! I love hearing about everything they are getting to do and experience in life.

      I am trying to be more selective in who I discuss homeschooling with now. I've just been burned too many times.

      I think you are right tho. I think many who are called to homeschool by God are convicted, but they do everything in their power to avoid it...even if it means avoiding those that homeschool or react in a negative way toward homeschooling.

      I hope you calmed down enough to get your son to!

    2. Hahaha :) Yes, I finally calmed down. Then I read on FB two stories about school and got fired up again, but thankfully I had self control and didn't comment on either. One was the Buna incident - where a 10 year old boy was bullied by 6 kids on the playground and somehow not ONE teacher even saw it going on. hmmmmm........
      Then the other incident where the dad was arrested( in TN) for picking up his child from school because he didn't follow the exact rules.


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