Friday, July 18, 2014

Weeks 26 to the end...

Here are a few highlights from our week...

I'm behind...again. This seems to be my norm now. 

Between a week of vacation, a week of testing, various family members in and out of hospitals, shuttles to and from doctor visits, newly acquired bees, a dance recital, and rocketry camp...some things just had to give and my weekly posts about school was one of them.

Instead of writing about everything, I'll just post a few photos I managed to snap to sum up what we did our last weeks of school. 

Also, check out Jennifer's video playlist for Weeks 26-34. Lots of good ones in there. 

When you get to Week 29, check out the Angry Aztecs video clips on You Tube. There are some pretty entertaining ones ;)

Hard to believe, by the time I got around to actually posting this, that summer is well under way and planning for our new school year has already begun.

I hope you guys have a wonderful summer!


  1. You made it! Another successful homeschool year. :) Are you continuing with MFW next year?

    1. No, sadly, we will not be. We joined a homeschool group called Artios and they have their own history, music, art, and drama curriculum. They are also a cycle ahead of us (1850's to Modern Times). I'm not thrilled about skipping Exploration to 1850, but this was the only group in our area closest to where we were in the timeline of history. The other groups were a year or 2 behind us and I just couldn't see repeating those time periods. This was a very hard decision for me b/c we LOVE MFW, but I just could not see doing and purchasing both it and the Artios curriculum. I would still like to try to include some of the MFW read a-louds, Story of the World book, and other reading books for this time period. Once I get the scope and sequence from Artios, I am going to see which MFW items will fit and just supplement with those. How about you guys? Will you be continuing with MFW? I have LOVED and so APPRECIATED your web and video extras on your blog these past few years :)

  2. It seems like we haven't had a It has been extremely busy for us as well. Next week is conference and the next week our girls go to Church camp. A couple weeks later, we will be starting school again.

    1. We plan to start the 2nd week in August. Sounds like you guys will be starting close to that as well :) The summer is going by WAY too fast!


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