Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weeks 17-20 - Can you tell I'm running behind?

Here are a few highlights from our week...

Well, I knew it was going to happen eventually. It usually does and I start to poop out a little over halfway through the school year. We are going full-speed in life and in school and I just can't seem to keep up with these weekly posts. I'm going to try to do better...

Art hasn't been bad. We pick and choose which lessons to complete and we have combined a lesson or two as well when applicable.

They did a wonderful job on their stained glass window art. Neither are very Medeival-ish though. My daughter is into horses and drew and colored this all on her own. She is very talented and we are so blessed to be joining a history and arts homeschool group this coming school year. I really think this will help to feed her passion. My son likes to draw as well and is actually really good at engineer-type drawings, if that makes any sense, so I hope this group will bring out more of his "artsy" side.

We have been enjoying reading from Trial and Triumph about all of the people who have made an impact on the world for the Kingdom of God. These people have not been perfect my any means, but despite their flaws, God used them to further His kingdom just like He does with believers today.

We have moved from Saxons, Normans, and Vikings and are now learning about castles, kings, and queens of the Middle Ages. There are tons and tons and tons of Horrible Histories you tube episodes to watch about Vikings, Saxons, Normans, and monks. Just go to You Tube and look them up. The kids enjoyed all of them and some of them are quite funny!

We are just beginning to make our castle. I know we are a little behind on this project, but all the pieces are cut out and we will begin the construction phase shortly.

My daughter had just had robotic pyeloplasty surgery the week before, so learning about the urinary system fit perfectly with what was happening in our lives and her life at this time. We added the kidneys, ureter tubes, and bladder to our skeletal models and as we did, we talked again about the procedure she had done to correct the birth defect in her ureter tube and about the stent she had to have in for the next month running from her kidney, down through her ureter tube, and into her bladder.

We also finished the human body and the model. Next week, we move on to astronomy.

The Wonderful Way That Babies Are Made was also on the schedule to discuss. My husband and I had already had small talks with each of our kids about this, my son more so than my daughter, but we discussed a little more than she was aware of this week. My daughter had lots and lots of questions about everything and my son just wished he were somewhere else when this discussion was taking! I still have a few of the more intimate details to go over with my daughter, but I'll save that for a time when my son is not around so he doesn't have to get "grossed out" all over again ;)

I voted in the March primaries. It was a great time to remind the kids how democracy/democratic process works, why it is important to research who to vote for, how those people are elected to their positions, and how the whole voting process works. We didn't just vote though, we also helped one of the candidates by labeling fliers to send out before the election as well as holding up signs on voting day.

Oh, and the kids each got a new chick...since a few of our others were eaten by a raccoon :(

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