Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 24 & 25 - Marco Polo, Black Death, and Joan of Arc

Here are a few highlights from our week...

Art for weeks 24 and 25 cracked me up...not because of the assignments the kids had to do, but because of the products they created. In week 24 art, the kids had been annoying each other and had just gotten in trouble when I handed out this assignment. So, none of us were in a very good mood when they went to recreate this image and, as you can tell, any attention to details went right out the!

When they were finished, I asked to see their work. I laughed so hard and this made the kids laugh too. Then we all stopped being mad and just laughed at what they had drawn.
Super skinny with short!

The tiny head of the joker on the body of  a fat man. My son's picture cracked me up the most!

In week 25 art, the kids had to recreate an image of The Crucifixion

and Lamentations
Look at the smaller faces on the side...hilarious!

LOL @ the little monster faces in the box ;)

When we started discussing Marco Polo and his journey to China, the kids immediately picked up on his name and the swimming pool game they sometimes play. Naturally, we looked it up...and according to most things I came across, this is where the game originated from. Interesting stuff!!!

A fun interactive map/game about Marco Polo's journey to and from China.
A video about Cheng Ho

We learned about the 'Black Death' and how recent studies show this plague may have been spread through airborne particles instead of fleas on rats.

Here are several videos about the plague.
Horrible Histories: Plague Report
Horrible Histories: Peasants Plague
Horrible Histories: Plague Song
5 Horrid Things about the Plague
Plague Song

We also learned about the history of the Battle of Agincourt through a short video and song, and learned about Joan of Arc through Horrible Histories and a song.
The kids are learning about Venus in Week 24 and Earth in week 25. Aleeya is continuing with the planet painting activity. My son made the radar in astronomy co-op class and it really was worth all the work it took to make! It helped the kids (and me) better understand how scientists can tell what the surface of the planets look like without ever having to physically set foot on the planet.

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