Saturday, March 31, 2012

MFW-ECC - Weeks 30&31 - Russia and Australia

Our Week in Review

As you can tell by my multi-week post, it has been a little crazy around here. Surprisingly, we did manage to get our school work done. The areas that took hits were art and experiments. However, it was replaced by other somewhat artsy experimental endeavors.

We started the jeweled eggs. The kids blew out the innards and we made scrambled eggs one day for lunch, but that's as far as we got with that. We did go on a field trip to a strawberry farm to do some strawberry picking. We also spent an entire day at the Houston Fair and Livestock Show, so I guess that made up for not finishing the jeweled eggs.  On a side note...did the Kookaburra song bring back Barney (the purple dinosaur) memories for anyone!
Yummy scrambled eggs!
This one makes me laugh!

Hot, sweaty, and tired, but the fresh picked strawberries sure did hit the spot :)

We did not have time for any of the art projects suggested for Week 31, instead, we decorated potatoes for potato night at AWANA, got some baby chicks (YIKES!), and took a field trip to a little dairy farm. 

Puddles doesn't know what to think about her new roommates. 

Potato Cowgirl

Darth Tader

He is one big Great Dane!

Homemade Butter

Award winning race horse *Easy*
They got to try their hands at milking a cow.

Sweet little calf

A was in horse heaven :)
Gathering eggs

We found a really cool website with lots of animals and insects changing colors and/or blending in with their environment. Check it out here.

The tundra activity was fun. Double gloves really made a difference! This activity helped the kids understand how animals can stay warm in the colder climates.

All in all, it was a really great 2 weeks. Hope you had a great week as well :) Check out the next post for more about our chicken and farm adventures :)


  1. That was one busy week for y'all! Loved that website with the animal camouflage photography. I pinned it for future use. Thank you for the great resource!! - Danaly

  2. What a busy week! Oh the joy of spring and homeschooling.. so much fun!


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