Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chicken Coop Update

Well, the coop is pretty much done. 
J and his dad putting on the finishing touches.

The chickens are adjusting nicely to their new home. We just have to get a few nesting boxes, but we still have quite a bit of time to get those. 

In the winter, our *plan* is to secure a long piece of thick plastic down in the front to help keep in some of the heat and warmth

The kids go out there every day to visit with the chickens.

Now we just have to figure out which ones will be hens and which ones will be roosters. Only time will tell...

Haven't they gotten big?!?

The local farm and ranch store is selling pullets (female chickens) for about another week or so. We are *thinking* about getting 2 more...just in case we end up with all or mostly roosters. Had I known a local place sold JUST pullets, we would have gone this route in the first place. Plus, they have a large variety and I think it would be nice to have a colorful array of chickens. 

Oh well, it's been fun though :)

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  1. Wow, I'm impressed! Really good job on that coop. It will be interesting trying to figure out the gender, lol! Let me know how that goes.


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