Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Focus on what you have, not what you 'could' have...

We live on just a little over 2 acres. We've lived here for about 12 years now and we love it here. A little bit of country in the middle of a growing little town it just about how I'd describe it. 

One thing we have always wished and hoped for since the day we moved in was to have more land. When you live where we live with neighborhoods all around you and the price for a tiny lot is sky high, those chances of getting anymore land (let alone acreage!) are pretty slim.

However, there is a 4.5 acre plot directly behind us (mostly wooded) like our 2 acres, which is pretty rare in this town. A few years ago, the lady who owned it passed away. Fast forward to now and that land is up for grabs. This lady's daughter approached us and our neighbor about purchasing the land at a decent price. I know $17,000 an acre is a whole lot of money, but considering acreage around here goes for $20-25,000, it wasn't bad ;)

Wow! A dream come true for both of us!

We were busy looking into land loans, checking out the status of the land (as far as taxes, liens, clear titles, etc), discussing property lines with our neighbor, estimating the costs of hauling off about 100 years of junk the previous owners had collected, as well as the costs for the tear down of a house with asbestos siding as well as some likely asbestos ceiling tiles and wiring. Arg! Lots to be done!

Fast forward another month or 2 and our neighbors decided they would not be able to purchase part of the land. That' ok though. We still wanted to purchase the part directly behind us...about 2.5 acres. We contacted the lady back and brought her up to speed. Problem was, she wanted the land sold all at once AND she already had another buyer. End of discussion. 

I was mad! I felt kind of duped or played. To go though all of this and that's it, end of discussion?!? Lots of crazy thoughts went through my head. Had she had someone in her back pocket the whole time? Were we part of some bidding war we didn't know about? Had we wasted our time even bothering looking into all of this in the first place?

My husband had to bring me back down to reality. We had prayed, since day 1, for God's will to be done in this matter. When our neighbors wanted the other half, we were so SURE about everything. When the neighbors backed out, we were kind of on the fence about the land. We just wanted clarity. If things weren't meant to be, we prayed for God to work things out that way. He did and I overlooked His answer.

I prayed for peace and contentment and God gave it to me.

The whole land thing didn't happen, but it will be ok :)

We started to focus on what we already had. We've lived here for 12 years now and haven't done much with the 2 acres, so why not focus on that? Over this past year, my husband and the kids have made a few trails through the back acre for walking and go-cart riding. We've made some improvements to our garden area.

This should keep those pesky, but cute little rabbits from eating up all out hard work ;)
We built the kids a "fort" that is yet to be named in the woods. It turned out pretty awesome!
If the kids ever actually want to enjoy this fort then mosquito screening is a MUST in these parts!!!
Trees growing through the cool is that?!?!!

View from the top level...

We spent the night in the fort when it was all complete. Not the most comfortable for mom and dad...oh, the sacrifices we make for our! They had fun and that was the whole idea :) 
They want to do school out here some days too. I can work with that ;)
We would love to redo our old fence and put up a more aesthetically pleasing one, plant more fruit and nut trees, get better at gardening, and the list goes on.
Sometimes you just need to refocus...not on what could have been, but what already is.


  1. I have been going through this a bit myself dear friend. Sometimes we get very focused on what we want and we just can't see the big picture. I too had my heart set on something recently (different house with land, etc.) and I got very focused on it. Then, I got discouraged because I was using all my energy on it and wearing myself out trying to prepare for a possible move. Finally, I had to throw my hands up and realize it is not in my hands. If it is meant to be it will work out. I have a for sale sign in my yard, but if the other place sells first I will just take down my sign. I just have to be content either way... and I am. Either way I will be happy. I have a great home and a great life. And so do you. We are blessed beyond measure!

    1. Very true, Shannon. No matter what we do or don't have, we are blessed :)


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