Friday, March 18, 2016

More Uncertainty...

I feel like I have been on a roller coaster...physically and emotionally.

After missing out on buying the house we really liked last month, we considered just staying where we are. We made appointments to have contractors come out to look at doing a few remodels as well as adding in a storage building. Um...not happening!

Unless you want to do it yourself, construction costs are crazy expensive. We just can't see putting more money into a home where we would NEVER be able to recoup that cost. I mean, we love our home and the 2 acres it sits on. We've worked hard over the last 15 years to update our home and the land. It is so peaceful and quiet and flood-zone free which is a HUGE asset where we live. 

If we are going to foster though (and I'd like to foster younger sibling groups), we need another bedroom.

So, we are back to the grind looking for another house. We've found plenty of homes, but something is always lacking with the land part. I think that's what we like best about where we live now. We have cut walking and go cart/4-wheeler trails all through the back acre. We've built a solid 2-story fort/cabin in the woods for the kids that we can have actual campouts in. We have fruit trees galore with some of the best tasting satsumas on the planet. We put in an above ground pool 2 years ago and slaved endless hours building the  beautiful deck. Updated every room in the house. And more...

I know we can do all that at another home with another piece of land, but I get overwhelmed at the process of all that. I realize it took 15 years to get our current house and land to where it is today and we can do the same at the next place we call home. 

It's a is a process...and with that comes much uncertainty along the way...


  1. Pauline, when you describe your place, it seems like it has all the elements you want, except that extra space. I guess now would be the time to make sure you get another "no flood" zoned home. Maybe move a little closer to CAFA? :) That would take some stress off of you :)

    1. Yes, being in a 'no-flood zone' is a MUST seeing what so many people are going through right now :( There are several nice homes for sale now, problem is, they are all in the 100 year flood plain. We have friends here in L-town whose home flooded late last year. We helped clean and gut and tear out and, having been through that little bit with them, made me see that I NEVER want to go through that. We actually considered moving closer to CAFA, but we got a curve-ball thrown our way over the Christmas break regarding the kids education. We really feel God leading us to Veritas next year. I want to continue homeschooling, but with that load and all the planning that goes with it, I am feeling overwhelmed just thinking of adding foster kids into the mix. There are several disheartening things going on with my brother who home-schools with us as well that has really put me over the top and I really want some time and energy left to devote to my own kids AND the foster kids and at the rate I'm going now, I got nothin. I know I will be giving up some control and flexibility, but it's a trade-off with some of the things I'll be getting in return. And, nothing is set in stone...if it's not working for us, we will take a different route ;)


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