Monday, April 24, 2017

Foster Family

I haven't been updating much on here and the posts may be few and far between from now on. I still feel like I have a lot to say (even if I'm the only one who reads so I created a new blog. This blog has been focused on home schooling and my little family and I may still post here from time to time about those things, but now that we are fostering and expanding our family, I felt like I needed a new blog in which to post my thoughts.

The new blog is titled 'All the Little Starfish'. 

So...if you haven't heard, we are now an official foster family...hence the name of my new blog. If you've ever heard the starfish story, then you'll know exactly why I chose this name. And if you haven't, then please see the picture below for an explanation.

No, we can't save every child, but we CAN make a difference in the lives of these precious children and, hopefully, in the lives of their bio families as well by sharing the love of Jesus Christ with them.

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