Monday, November 22, 2010

MFW Thanksgiving Week in Review

 We decided to take the entire week off from everything this week, so last week, we completed the Thanksgiving Unit in Adventures in My Father's World. The kiddos had a lot of fun. As you saw in my previous post, we went on a virtual field trip to Plimoth Plantation and visited a Wampanoag and some Pilgrims. The kiddos thought the wigwams they made earlier in the year looked similar to the wetu's the Wampanoag's lived in, so they brought those out.

The kids liked making the woven placemats, but it was quite a job for me cutting all those lines. Aleeya made an extra placemat for me and Jase made one for dad. We have been using them all week at the dinner table.

We did not make the Indian vest or the hand and shoe turkey, but we did make the hand turkey. Instead of using crayons, we used paint. We made them at Granny's house, so I did not have my camera to take any pictures, but they were really cute and if you would like to see them they are hanging on the fridge at Granny's house :) 

We saved the games for last and that turned out to be the best part for the kids. We did the twig toss...

and the almond pistachio toss (you guessed it - we were out of almonds)...

The only bowl I had large enough to catch them in was a glass bowl and I was definitely not using that. I could just picture the pistachios and the bowl flying through the air. The pisrachios would have made a fine landing...the bowl...not so much.

We found just rolling the pistachios worked the best and the kids had just as much fun seeing who rolled the highest number of pistachios paint side up.

The last game the kids played was the spearing game. Don't know that they ever actually speared the cardboard, but they sure had fun trying :)

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