Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 12 Video Review

My little bro, S, will be doing home school with us again until our mom's treatments are through and she feels better.  We spent the past week mainly trying to get into a good school routine and I think we have a plan of action figured if we can only stick to it. With all the kiddos doing 3 different things in school, it can get a bit hectic at times :-/

S joined J and A this week in a few of their history adventures. As you can tell from the video, we have been learning about the 50 states. We focused on the first four states: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Georgia. We also learned about the Liberty Bell. And yes, I realize the colors used in the paintings and in the paper craft were not true to the original. We were already dangerously low on paint and what little we did have left dried up. So we salvaged what we could and worked with what we had.

On Friday, we also had 4-H. The kids love it when the rabbits come to visit. They are such cute little puff balls. The kiddos keep asking for one, but that's just not gonna happen. Most of our fish have all died and we are down from 4 to just 1 hermit crab. On a good note, the cats and dogs are still alive, but, yeah, pet rabbits are just not in the picture.

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