Thursday, December 2, 2010

We're not weird...really...I promise


Someone sent me a web link a month or two back (or did I come across it on a forum?) either way, it was about McDonalds... And I saw this literally the same day I had just eaten a double cheesburger from there, so it was still in my stomach and fresh on my mind. Anyway, this guy had taken video documentation of the changes (or should I say non-changes) in an uneaten McDonalds hamburger over the course of several months and years. We searched around and found several more videos on you tube just like it all saying the same thing...McDonalds hamburgers don't mold and decay like normal patties and buns. So that got me thinking, if the buns and patties don't break down and decay like normal hamburgers, what does that say about the ingredients and preservatives that are in them and how hard do our stomachs have to work to break down and digest them? Needless to say, the kids and I were intrigued (and a bit disgusted) by this and decided we would do our own McDonalds science experiment.

Today, my dad called and wanted to meet us somewhere in L-town for lunch. Lo and behold, the kids guessed it... McDonalds. So, before leaving, we picked up a plain McDonalds hamburger. We are going to keep it wrapped it its paper in the laundry room and take a picture of it from time to time to document and see for ourselves if it will or will not mold and decay.


Before you think we are weird or that we'll go crazy on some beef buying binge- let me just say... we will not be adding more to our collection, we will not create a shrine of hamburgers, we do not plan on keeping it long term, and as soon as I start smelling anything funky or start seeing little bugs and flies everywhere, that sucker is outta here! 


McDonalds hamburgers are like this, I wonder how many other fast food places are similar?

We'll be updating the progess in the days to come, so check back soon :)

Click on the 'nutrition' link on McDonalds website to see the ingredients in the buns and patties.

Here is the link to that video I mentioned earlier along with some other info.


  1. How funny! I can't wait to see how your experiment turns out! I think Hubs is taking the kids there tonight for Guys Night!! My guys are all crazy over the McRib - yuck!

  2. You HOMESCHOOLER!!! :D (And if you won't tell anyone else, I'll admit that I think this is soooo incredibly cool, and I can't wait to see the updates! But remember, that's just our little secret!)

  3. that's nuts, i was gonna try it but ended up eating the Berger on the fourth day! maybe next time;)


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