Friday, March 25, 2011

Adventures in Review - Week 27

This has been a pretty calm week for us here at Kingdom Academy.

To start off the week, we took a trip to the Lufkin Zoo. {We didn't go anywhere during spring break, so this was our attempt at taking a break and getting away for a bit.}

During our Adventures in My Father's World, we made it through the lakes of Minnesota and down the Oregon trails. Do you remember that old game we used to play as kids called 'The Oregon Trail'? Man, I used to love that game and I'd play it for hours! Someone over on the MFW-Adventures yahoo forum posted a link to this game you can play on your computer. You can find that link here I am very leery about adding anything else to my really old and already slow-as-a-snail computer, so I downloaded the light 'Oregon Trail' app for free on my I-pod. The kiddos really enjoy this game, so I download the full version for just $0.99 :)

For a craft, my kids were supposed to help put together a horse and covered wagon model. We got these little wooden gems at Harbor Freight for $0.99 each. The outside of the package says 6 +. We put together models earlier in the year of a butterfly and an ant and they weren't too difficult, so we went back to get this one. Well, 6+ don't cut it. Try 36+! My husband did the entire thing, gluing each tiny little piece together. It was not a simple slide together one like we had before. In the end, the horse and covered wagon turned out beautiful and the kids were thrilled with the work their father had done :)


The kids also enjoyed learning about Abraham Lincoln... after all, they had heard tid-bits about him time and time again in math class (think penny ;). My little brother, Brown-eyed Boy, realized he and Abe shared something in common. As I was reading the part about the death of Abe's mother, Brown-eyed Boy piped up and said, Abraham Lincoln's mom died when he was a little boy...just like me." Yes, sadly they shared that tragedy in common. And I said to him (probably with tears in my eyes), "And when you grow up, I'm sure you can tell everyone just as Abe did...God bless my mother. All that I am and ever hope to be I owe to her."

{For those of you who may be visiting this blog for the first time, our mother passed away just a few months ago from cancer. You can read more about her amazing story and her unwavering trust and faith in God here . There is short 6 minute video she made just a few months before her death at the bottom of that link. Please check it out. Her goal in life was to bring and give all the glory and honor to matter what! Believe me, you will NOT want to miss out on it.}

In Part 2, we learned that one of Abe's favorite books was Pilgrim's Progress. To Jase and Stephen's delight, they said, "Hey, that is one of our reading books!" And it is. Pilgrim's Progress -Simplified- is their very last reading book in the Abeka language arts program this year. They are very much looking forward to reading it now :)


In Bible, we finished up 'Jesus the Servant'. Here is how their poster looks so far.

In closing, I will leave you with a few pictures of my kids getting eaten by alligators ;)

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  1. Love your covered wagon! Thanks for sharing.

  2. The covered wagon is a great idea. My girls like learning about Abe too. M5 told me she really needed a $5 bill to remember him by... she had to earn it!

  3. We went to the zoo this week, too!

  4. Dad did a great job on the wagon. Sorry it didn't work out for the kids.

    When your kids are a little older they might enjoy Lincoln: A Photo Biography. One of the best books on Lincoln that I've ever read.

  5. We love, love, love the Lufkin Zoo! It's so shady, and it's perfect this time of year!

    I'm trying to picture Greg doing the school project after the girls have given up, and I'm not seeing it! Tell Jason I am IMPRESSED! :)


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