Saturday, April 9, 2011

Adventures in Review - Week 29 (+Fire's Funeral, Sisterly Love, and Creative Writing)

J's pet hermit crab, Fire, died this weekend. He's had that hermit crab for almost a year. J was extremely upset...a little too upset over a hermit crab that he rarely messed with. Long story short,  it dying brought back memories and feelings of his 'MawMaw P' dying over the Christmas holidays.

So, the kids decorated a 'coffin' for the crab and we had a funeral for it. J wrote a little note and drew a picture to remember not only his crab, Fire, but a previous crab from last summer named 'Hide and Seek'. 

Rock tombstone and paper grave marker

Then A did something that just made my heart smile. She wanted to help her brother feel better, so (all on her own - I might add)  she drew him a picture of them playing together and wrote him a very sweet card. Now these are the kind of "mommy moments" I like having :) 

Now, on to our Adventures in Review - Week 28...

On Missionary Monday, we talked about and prayed for our missionary friends, The Johnson's in Canada.

We thanked God for allowing them to have several successful sports camps where they were able to spread the gospel of Jesus with the First Nations People and plant seeds. We prayed for all those who heard the message and prayed for those little seeds to grow. If you would like to read more about the Johnson's and their Canadian Mission Field, please check out their blog, Go and Be.

In our state studies, we travelled to Kansas (and yes, we enjoyed our sunflower seed snack), West Virginia, (where we enjoyed their state fruit, the golden delicious apple), Nevada, and Nebraska (where we tried out their state soft-drink, Kool-aid). Now, I do not picture kool-aid as a soft drink. When I think of a soft drink, I think of fizzy, carbonated things like Coke and Dr. Pepper. And, believe it or not, my kids are not big kool-aid fans ;)  But they sure do like sweet tea :)

In language this week, the boys had to write a creative story pretending about a day when they were 2 inches tall. Their super-short videos are below.

A wanted to get in on the video action as well, so she picked out something to read too. She ended up choosing to read the letter her Dad and I wrote her at the beginning of our Adventures in My Father's World. Sadly though, try as I might, I could NOT get this stinkin' video to upload. I think my computer is just too old. *This will be remedied very soon***WooHoo!

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  1. It looks like a wonderful week! I love you adding in the videos too. Nice to "meet" you on the Wrap Up!

  2. Aww...I'm sorry about your son's pet crab. My kiddos lost their pet mouse right before Christmas and it was very traumatic:(

  3. Tell Jase I'm sorry to hear about his hermit crab. :( And I'm also sorry it triggered some emotions about Maw Maw Paula, but what a beautiful thing that God created us with a whole slew of emotions so we can experience life fully and with memories so we can also remember the happy times!

    And on a happier note ... I LOVE the videos!! Maybe when you get that new Mac you can try Aleeya's again! ;)


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