Sunday, April 17, 2011


This post is about 2 young ladies I had the privilege of meeting today when they came to speak to our Sunday school class about the amazing journey God has them on. I have blogged about them in the hopes that you will pray for them, check out their blog,  pass the word on about them to your friends, and donate to their ministry if you feel the Lord calling you to do so.

In short, Jenna and Stacie are putting Luke 10 into action. They travel around the states in a van (many times living out of it) going to places where no one else can, has, or is willing to go. As you can imagine, some of these places can be quite frightening. At times, they are able to join up with other local ministries already working in the area, and other times, they are on on their own simply going where the Lord leads them...loving on people, sharing Jesus, meeting needs, and planting seeds. 

To learn more about them, please watch their short video below and check out their blog, vanGo. They just finished up one 6-month journey and eagerly await to start the next leg of their journey.

vanGO from Jason Hight on Vimeo.

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