Monday, May 2, 2011

Adventures in Review - Week 32

{If you haven't noticed yet, I post my weekly wrap-ups a week after they have already taken place. This gives me a little more time to blog about our adventures. I used to do them the Friday or Saturday of...but that drove me crazy and I always felt rushed.}

Yay! Resurrection Sunday is right around the corner!

This entire week has been somewhat of a blur for me. The kids' Great-Granny went into the hospital on Tuesday. Diagnosis? Pneumonia....NOT good. They also think there is more going on than just the pneumonia, so she'll remain there until they get it all figured out. Granny is a funny, Godly lady. She makes friends with everyone who walks into her room. She jokes about them 'holding her hostage', but she also likes to talk ;) She really likes all the pictures the kids have been hanging up on her walls.

On Tuesday, we volunteered at the Hope Center and on Wednesday, we did our Meals on Wheels route. We brought flowers to each elderly person on our list. We also took some time to wish each of them a very happy Easter, or as we like to call it...Resurrection Day :) I can't tell you how much these elderly people *love* to see kids. Makes me so sad when I hear them say, 'My kids/grandkids just don't come to visit anymore'.

In Adventures in My Father's World, the kids have begun learning that Jesus is the Word. Our poster is just about full.

We are still trucking along in our state studies. We've now added Montana, Washington, Idaho, and Wyoming. Because Idaho is known for potatoes, we had baked potatoes for dinner one evening. The kids do not really care for the baked variety, so I turned theirs into a huge plate of mashed potatoes :)

We also learned about another invention - the telephone... and looked at various pictures of older telephones and switchboards. J is geared up and ready to read Bell's Breakthrough from the Blast to the Past Series now.

We also watched a quick 1 minute video on YouTube depicting the geyser "Old Faithful" which is found in Wyoming.

The Resurrection weekend was filled with lots of love, family fun, and an overwhelming thankfulness for what our Savior has done for us.

Me, my Dad, and 8 (out of 9) of my siblings.
Ages 8 to 33 and my dad somewhere in his 50's.

This is a picture of me, my father, and all of my 9 siblings. Well, one brother is MIA because he is currently stationed on the Mexico border. BUT he was there in spirit (and we stuck his picture inside his shirt and tacked it to the tree).  LOL!

 As a wonderful ending to Resurrection Week, we walked through The Last Days of Christ, an outdoor passion drama.

It was awesome!!!

How about you guys? How was your Easter/Resurrection weekend?


  1. I'm so gald you decided to do Meals on Wheels!! I'm trying to making a decision about it. On the one hand, life just seems too busy to do it, but on the other hand I think, "Ummmmm, isn't this one of the REASONS you homeschool?!?!?!?!" Still trying to decide on that one.

    I hope Granny is okay??!! Oh, and I just saw on Laurinda's FB page about Kelli. I didn't know they were sisters-in-law! You know she's one of Carrie's best friends???

  2. I had no idea she and Carrie were best friends. Small world :)

    Granny is home and is doing ok, but is not doing as good as we had hoped. Still a lot of coughing and they think there is more going on than just the pneumonia.

    We do enjoy the Meals on Wheels Program. We ended up with one of the longer routes b/c Wednesday was our only day available, but it has been great. Plus, we like to visit with each person for a bit so that adds time to our routes. They absolutely *love* the kiddos. Did you check to see if they have any routes out where you live? If not, that would make it a little more challenging for you guys. We only do it twice a month. Sometimes, I think I should have stuck with just once a month though :-/

  3. Ok, I have no idea where my pictures keep going. I have reloaded them twice already. They stay for a day or 2 then disappear. It's only started since using a MAC. Anyone else use a MAC for blogging and know how to get your pictures to stay????

  4. WOW - I was able to see your pictures today, and I *love* the one from the Last Days of Christ. Did you take that?!?!?!?!?!? It's wonderful!!! I don't know why the MAC is making them disappear. I would definitely ask your MIL. If she doesn't know why, she can find someone who does! :)

  5. I read up on some forums and found that I have to download the pictures to Flickr, then copy the URL and post it in HTML form on my blog. Extra steps, but it gets the job done and the pictures far anyway ;)

    No, I didn't take the picture. I wish I did. It is beautiful though. I found that one on their informational website.


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