Saturday, May 7, 2011

Exploring Countries and Cultures Field Trip Ideas for My Father's World

Ok, I have been slowly working on this list ever since getting my box of MFW stuff in the mail a month or 2 back. I would *love* to be able to do everything on this list, however, I'm sure we will not be able to get to all of it. Be that as it may, this is my wish list of field trip ideas while exploring various countries and cultures in my Father's world :)

The wonderful thing about living in Texas is how diverse it it. If you happen to live in Texas, perhaps some of these ideas will work for you as well! And if not, maybe you'll be able to find something similar in your area.

Introduction - Lufkin (Ellen Trout) or Houston Zoos

North America 

United States (Forests) - Big Thicket National Preserve                                                                    

Mexico  (Deserts) - Big Bend National Park, Local Mexican Restaurant 

Canada (General) - Some friends of ours are missionaries in Canada so we get lots of pictures and information from them through their blog at Go and Be. Maybe we can get them to mail us a postcard. We are even considering a possible mission trip up there this summer.

South America - 

Brazil (Rain Forests) - Moody Gardens Rainforest Pyramid, Rainforest Cafe 

Europe -

Norway (Northern Forests, General) - Sam Houston National Forest, Davy Crockett National Forest, Sabine National Forest, Angelina National  Forest

France (General) - Children's Museum in Houston

Germany (Rivers and Lakes) - Canoeing/Kayaking and/or fishing on Village Creek, Village  Creek State Park

Africa - 

Kenya (Grasslands) - Caddo/LBJ National Grasslands

Asia - 

Saudi Arabia (Ecology and Conservation) - I have a friend who lives in Saudi Arabia and she posts all sorts of wonderful pictures to her Facebook page (perhaps we can get her to mail us a postcard),  Shangri La Botanical Gardens (Orange), Warren Loose Conservatory (Beaumont)

India (Mountains) - Our sponsor child lives in India and we gets lots of letters from him, Indian Restaurant, Guadalupe Mountains National Park

China (General, Oceans) - Chinese Restaurant, Ferry Ride across Galveston Bay, Sea Wolf Park,  
 Galveston Beach, we also know of some missionaries currently in China 

Japan (Oceans) -  Galveston Island State Park, Japanese Garden at Beaumont Botanical Gardens

Russia (Arctic, Tundra) - Maybe a virtual field trip with Go North???, there is also a Russian Chamber of Commerce in Houston

Australia - 

Australia (Coral Reefs) - Houston Aquarium and Aquarium Restaurant, Aquarium at Moody Gardens, My sister-in-law's parents live in Australia. I'm sure we can get them to send us a postcard.

Antarctica - 

Antarctica - Penguin Encounter at Moody Gardens

And, this is very, very wishful thinking, but wouldn't it be awesome to finish up the year in review with a trip to Disney World specifically the World Showcase at Epcot. I know, I know, probably won't happen. But a person can dream, can't they?

If you know of any other field trips or ideas that may work for us, please, please leave me a comment and pass them our way :)


  1. We are a My Father's World family currently in Exploring Countires and Cultures AND we are in Texas! We are near Dallas (Rockwall). I'd love to know what country you are in now? It would be wonderful to try to meet up somewhere :)

  2. We are near Beaumont area...about 5-6 hours of so from where you are :( We were up near the Grapevine area around Dallas about a month ago. Have you heard about the Legoland Discovery Center they just opened in the Grapevine mall? If not, it would definitely make a great field trip:) They have a master lego builder. There were some amazing small scale lego replicas of key places and buildings in and around the Dallas area. They also had a few games, a ride, a few 4D movies, a place you could build and race lego vehicles, a princess area, etc... If you have not heard of it, you can check out their link at


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