Saturday, December 3, 2011

MFW-ECC - Thanksgiving week and Week 17 - Germany

Well, I didn't get hardly anything done around my house while we had off from school Thanksgiving week.  Instead, I had several doctor appointments to go to and the rest of my time was filled with worry and researching things on the internet, and of course, spending time with different families for Thanksgiving sprinkled here and there throughout the week.

My mom was diagnosed with cancer at age 44, which means I have to start my mammos at age 34. Well, I had my first one the Monday before Thanksgiving and it took f-o-r-e-v-e-r. It's not comforting when you get called back for additional mammo pictures as well as a follow up ultrasound. 

I got my results from both immediately ...which was great (at least I know what is going on...well, sort of).

Bottom line....I have to have a biopsy. The radiologist saw several microcalcifications, which they have decided to monitor closely..for now ...because, in a small percentage of people, these can be the beginning signs of a future breast cancer. They also saw a non-palpable mass he recommended a biopsy on because of my mother's cancer history. He thinks its just a harmless fibroadenoma. Let's pray so...

Needless to say, you can understand why my Thanksgiving week was filled with appointments, research, and worry. (I cried a lot too after my initial mammogram, but...) since then, I have been praying for peace and comfort and the Lord is continually answering my prayers :) God is so good - all the time! I'm also praying for him to guide me in what to do after the biopsy - pending the results.

Now....on to some school stuff...

Our Week in Review
After having a week off from school we decided to have an extra treat to get us in the mood for school. A helped fix everyone hot cocoa and ice cream sundaes. 
My little waitress

Don't ya just love the little straws and spoons in her apron pocket :)

Happy Customers!


The kids couldn't choose just 1 or 2 songs...they wanted to listen to ALL the optional songs listed in the MFW lesson plans throughout this week ;) 

We did not get a change to do the pressed flowers, but hope to go back and complete that activity sometime b/c the kiddos really wanted to do it...and we already have the picture frames for it.


We enjoyed the experiments this week. We were all surprised in our surface tension experiment at how much water bubbled up around the sides of the spoon without pouring over. We watched short videos about pond skaters and a Basilisk Lizard to reiterate how surface tension works. 

The river and mud model was fun, of course. The kids always love an excuse to play in the mud. LOL! 

They did a GREAT job! Love the 'coconut trees' and 'moss'. 

We finished up George Muller. I'm going to miss reading about him each day. Such a wonderful life story of TRULY relying on God!

We came across a blog with several great pictures of the Ashly Downs Orphanage and other old-timey pictures my kiddos enjoyed looking at.


  1. After finding a lump, I had my 1st mammogram at age 37, followed by ultrasound and next day biopsy and then a day of rest and then a diagnosis of breast cancer (that was 2 years ago!) and I share with you...that God is so faithful through it all...that He goes before you and before me...He knows, He provides, He loves you! Lean into Him and His goodness...Thank you for your sharing! God's Peace and Comfort for you this week! I'm praying! ~C
    ps we have so enjoyed your ECC posts, as we are on the same weekly schedule as you...we, too are 'in Germany' Thanks for sharing your ECC!

  2. So true! Thank you :) I'm so glad everything turned out well for you.

  3. Thinking of you! Praying too! :) ~C

  4. Hi Pauline,
    I have definitely been there, done that! I have been "called back" and it's very nerve wracking. I pray you'll find peace while you wait and that God will watch over you with much grace and mercy.

    Have a blessed week:)

  5. Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. I go in to have the biopsy this Wednesday. No matter what...God is good - all the time :)

  6. Well, I canceled my biopsy. I kept praying for peace, but it just didn't come. As of now, the docs say my chances of actually having cancer is very low. Since I am going to have to monitor the other 2 calcifications (which are so small they were almost undetectable), I have decided to monitor the tiny 5mm mass they believe to be a fibroadenoma.

    Both the radiologist and the surgeon said they would not even have recommended a biopsy had it not been for my mom's history. I shared with them my concerns of my mom's cancer and how every time she got a biopsy, her cancer spread. They kept assuring me that would not happen. I know what happened to my mom though. I lived through it and saw it first hand. On one hand, they want to do the biopsy b/c of her history and on the other hand, they don't want to take her history and her experiences into account.

    For now, I am at peace to stay on top of things, closely monitor, and go in for follow up screenings. When and if things begin to change and they are suspicious of those changes, I will most likely skip the biopsy and go straight to a lumpectomy.

    Thank you for all of your prayers. They are very much appreciated.


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