Monday, October 29, 2012

CtG - Week 7 - papyrus, hieroglyphics, a Fall Fest, and a little bit of magic ;)

Here are a few highlights from our week...


The kiddos had fun this week creating hieroglyphic pictures. They tried hard to tell a story using the pictures. I was able to figure out the story line for the most part.

They also made a cartouche. We just used cardboard squares, pencils, and markers for this activity.

Blue-eyed boy's Pharaoh with a really long beard

Brown-eyed girl's Cleopatra

We stuck to the schedule pretty much as lined out in the teacher's manual this week, but we did opt to leave out some parts of Wednesday's Bible discussion due to content we were just not ready to cover yet. 

I think I recall doing the same for a certain part of the required reading in Journey.

We learned about how the Egyptians made and wrote on papyrus paper. I happened to have some samples of papyrus paper the kids could have to keep so they were able to actually, see, and touch, and feel real papyrus.

By the way, if you happen to have the Drive Through History Holy Lands DVD #1, this week would be an excellent time to watch Episode #2.


Nothing too exciting in this area this week. We completed the cup and water experiments in the bathtub.

Fall Fest

The 3 Amigos, 3 Caballeros, 3 Musketeers: these gals had tons of fun together!

My brown-eyed girl is not too sure about the!

fun on the hayride!
Jengo Fett

The 'Magic Curt' Illusionist Show was pretty entertaining.
Trying to get out of the knots tied by these guys.
straight jacket

catching a paint ball in his teeth
chopping celery, but not the hand

The kiddos had LOTS of fun!

 We hope you all had a great week as well!

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