Monday, November 5, 2012

CtG - Week 8 - Homemade paint and paint brushes

Here are a few highlights from our week...

This week, the kids tried their hand at drawing an Egyptian. They were NOT interested in drawing the grid though. I tried explaining to them the benefits of doing this, but they didn't care if theirs looked exactly like the picture. Even though they opted not to use a grid, their Egyptians turned out pretty good :)
Brown-eyed Girl's

Blue-eyed Boy's

Bible is going really well. I am excited about digging deeper into these familiar Bible stories. I always learn something new!

We learned how the Egyptians used different minerals to make their own paints and different reeds and straw to make their own paint brushes.

Making our own straw paint brushes and paints was kinda fun. I didn't think the straw would work, but the kids managed and ended up doing pretty good.

The project called for chalk, but we didn't have any, so we made our homemade paints out of different spices, some water, and a little cornstarch. 

The kids had some fun with the experiments this week. They enjoyed the 'karate kid' experiment. For about an hour, all they wanted to do was chop things. We just used sticks from the yard. The bark made a bit of a mess, but not too bad.
We also did the 'straw drinking race' experiment where we poked lots of holes in one straw, then left the other intact and had a race to see who could drink their drinks the quickest. My blue-eyed boy knew something was up when his sister beat him. He just kept drinking and drinking, but it took him forever to finish his.
Lastly, we tried the 'old upside-down-glass-of-water trick'. The kids really liked this one.

All in all, it was a great week of school. The weekend was a little busier than I would have liked, but we survived.  

How was your week?


  1. The song "dance like an Egyptian" came instantly to mind as I was reading this. You have to play that for the kids, lol!! I'm impressed with those drawings.

  2. She usually loves to draw. Him? Only when he's in the!


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