Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Truth is relative?!?

In light of the presidential election, the topic of a Biblical worldview has been weighing heavily on my mind. I see young Christians (lots and lots of them) who start off strong only to finish looking nothing like they used to. Their world views are muddied and unclear. Truth has become relative for them. Everything has become relative for them.

With that being said, Lecrae is probably one of my favorite artists (and would be preachers ;) of all time. He packs a powerful message into every one of his songs.

Lecrae said it best...."Man, It's just some folks say, "All truth is relative, it just depends on what you believe." You know, "hey man, ain't no way to know for sure who God is or what's really true." But that means you believe your own statement; that there's no way to know what's really true. You're saying that that statement is true. You're killing yourself. If what's true for you is true for you and what's true for me is true for me, what if my truth says your's is a lie? Is it still true? Come on man! "

I have seen this way of thinking hit all too close to home...and it terrifies me. How can kids, who have the same parents, the same Christian upbringing, pretty much the same so different with their world views?!? 

What has changed?

I think a major difference is our educational system. Our children are being indoctrinated at alarming rates. Sure...reading, writing, and arithmetic may not have changed much throughout the years, but those things have taken a back seat. Social issues, evolution, relativity, and more have taken the front seat. At least our biblical glasses could be put on or used from time to time in the educational system of the past, but now, those spectacles have all but been destroyed and smashed to bits. 

I have had people tell me, it's because all the Christians have taken their kids out of the schools. Really?!? I can tell you, as a former public school teacher, that is NOT the reason. Parents (and even teachers for that matter) have very little control (if any at all) over what curriculum is brought into the classroom. There were things, such as evolution, that I would NOT teach. I would tell the kids of that theory, (and I made sure they knew what the word theory meant) but I would also tell them of the creationists views. But what about that teacher who did NOT hold to my same Biblical values? Do I really think he/she to talk about the other side and present it in a valid way?

Certainly not! and I would be a fool to think otherwise.

So, why would I send my children out into this battlefield?...unprepared? Even the disciples had years of careful training under the watchful eye of their master before 'going it alone'. I like how Voddie Baucham said it (and I'm not quoting word for word), but he said something like this...we are sending our kids out into the battle fields with no armor, no weapons, and no way to defend themselves and *hope* they'll be ok.

I've got news for some people, school is not the only place we can share the gospel with others.  Having been a teacher (and student one time long ago), I can tell you, the most time kids nowadays have to talk or get into any type of meaningful discussion is on the bus or in the lunch room...well, maybe. I know of some places where talking even during those times is not allowed. 

No, we can 'evangelize' best through everyday life and living. For those who may have their kids in the public schools, then school is just one of those aspects of living, but not the only one. The grocery store, your neighborhood, the gym, your mission outreach activities, your home, your church, your community, and so much more are all aspects of everyday life and living! Jesus taught and 'evangelized' by the example He set for others wherever He went. People flocked to HIM. He didn't turn His evangelical switch on and off, He didn't have to beat them over the head with God's word or pound it down their throats, He simply lived God's words consistently out in front of them. 

They saw something different in Him, something they wanted and they followed after Him for it.

 When we allow Christ to live through us, we can do the same.

For those who have their kids in the public school system for whatever reason, please do not think all hope is lost....please remain diligent!!! I know God calls different people to different things. Talk with your kids everyday, go thru their books, and read over what they are reading everyday being careful to discuss every little thing that may go against God's Word. By all means....stay involved! 

God said His Word will not return void and to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Sundays and Wednesdays are NOT going to cut it. I know kids who will go to baseball or basketball practices 3,4,5 or more times a week, yet somehow think a few hours here and there is sufficient Biblical training. That is not 'training up a child'. Training is an everyday thing. Would you have surgery from a doc that only trained for a few hours twice a week, would you attempt to run a full marathon after only training twice a week for a few hours? 

Parents, wether or not your child is in the public school or homeschool it is our job to train them up.

Even though I homeschool, I fall short many, many times and must daily seek God and His will for our lives. I want my kids to be raised knowing what absolute truth is based on God's Word, not my word or the words of others. I know they'll eventually get out on their own and decide for themselves, but I hope, with God's help, coming along side them through this 'training process' will make a lasting impression on them and they will not forget and, in turn, pass on to others.

Homeschooling our children does not give us a free pass to seclude ourselves from society and live out our homeschooling lives in some little 'Jesus bubble' with doors barred, gates shut, and blinds closed . I know, I've been there. It is all too easy to 'get comfortable'. God has called ALL His children to be a light to the world. We can't be a light unless we reach into the darkness. Get out there with your kids, working along side them, teaching and training them...pray - God will guide you in what you should or should not be involved in and in the timing of those things. 


  1. Amen! I started my day yesterday (after hearing election results) more determined than ever and feeling purposeful about what my children will hear from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep. The government might control a lot but not what happens inside my home.


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