Friday, November 30, 2012

CtG - Week 11 - FREE Egypt lapbook

Here are a few highlights from our week...

We changed things up a bit and instead of getting the kids to draw a tree on paper in Lesson #14, they drew their trees on the dry erase board. No complaints :)

My brown-eyed girl has been busily working on her Egypt lapbook. Here is the link to the FREE lapbook. My blue-eyed boy is not interested in doing anything of the sort if it involves extra cutting, coloring, or!

It was very interesting to learn that Queen Hatshepsut *may* have been the princess that took Moses from the water and raised him as her own. When you hear about her and the history behind all just starts to click and I thought, 'Wow! That makes a lot of sense!'

I think all the talk of chariots, warfare, and Hammurabi's Code have really sparked my son's interests. He's been looking up all sorts of things related to what we are learning in the various extra school books we have. 'Mom! Listen to this...' is what I heard all last week :-D

We didn't get to the part about inventions or the waterclock activity. I have no idea how we missed this. I have been so scatterbrained lately. I'm hoping to do this on Monday.

I had all the supplies right there at my finger tips, but sadly, we didn't get to a single experiment. I am hoping to catch up on this next week as well.

This was an ok week, but next week, I am going to be more intentional about not getting sidetracked or letting other things get in the way of doing more of the 'fun things' in school.

Hope you all had a great week!

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