Wednesday, March 27, 2013

100th Day Party - Spanish Style!

100th Day Party - Spanish Style!!!

This year, we had the unique opportunity to participate in a 100th Day celebration with friends - Spanish style!

The kids had a blast! We are all learning spanish thru Rosetta Stone, so our friend, who is from Puerto Rico, thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit by throwing in a spanish theme.

We divided the kids evenly into 2 teams. Each team completed the same activities and the winning team was awarded points for each activity. The team with the most points at the end wins!

Meet Team Republic...
Meet Team Stingray...

They went on scavenger hunts, pieced together Bible verses, sang and danced, ate, and much more.

The kids are following a recipe in Spanish. It was yummy!
Singing the song 'Las Hormiguitas'

It was 3 full hours of non-stop fun!

At the end of the game, the points were tallied, and the winning team earned $100!!! Go Stingray!!!

The only catch was that team had to choose to use the money in a way that honored God.


I am pleased to announce the winning team chose to share their earnings with the other team.

Each child went home with a whopping $10 :-D

My brown-eyed girl and blue-eyed boy said this was the best 100th Day Party ever!!!!

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  1. I've been meaning to put some pictures on my blog from this party for the grandparents to see but I haven't gotten around to it!! I might just have to link your blog :)


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