Sunday, March 10, 2013

CtG Weeks 20, 21, & 22

Here are a few highlights from our weeks...

The kiddos finished painting their fish from a few weeks ago. They did a great job!

My son was not terribly thrilled about having to draw more with the History of Art curriculum, but the fact that it was dragons, made it a little easier. 

I asked the kids to focus on the different parts of the dragon and draw a few of the main parts in each little box.

Next, I asked them to put all the parts together and draw the dragon in its entirety.

On this day, the kids had to draw their own renditions of the angel Michael slaying the dragon as noted in Revelation 12:7-8

A little info about the pictures above...Notice the arrows  by the angels? Apparently, my son said they needed a jump start on flying. So, they pooted which gave them a little extra gas power in order to sustain the flight needed for slaying the dragon during the battle. Boys will be boys, right?!?

We have been learning about Samuel, David, Goliath, Saul, and Jonathan. They were already familiar with most of these stories, but these have been a great in-depth review.

The kids enjoyed the Trojan Horse Story, but they are not terribly fond of The Children's Homer. Sometimes, it is hard for them to follow. We'll stick with this book for a little longer, but I'm not really seeing much value in it.

Science has been a little slow again as the experiments have not been all that appealing. We tried the 'designed for living underwater' experiment (twice) and it did not work either time. The kids enjoyed the 'sense sent scents' activity. They had some difficulty in telling between some of the citrus smells, but they figured them all out in the end.

We did not do many of the experiments and activities called for in the Teacher's Manual these past few weeks...especially the 'fruit fly farm'. Nope, ain't happening. We had a fruit fly plague several months back (everyone was struggling with these in our area) and I was not about to intentionally try to get fruit flies to come back for some experiment!

And just for fun during one of these weeks....the kids designed Minecraft masks and acted out their own Minecraft battle.

Well, there you have the last 3 weeks in a nutshell. Hope your last few were memorable as well :)

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