Monday, February 18, 2013

CtG Weeks 18 & 19 - fish art, squid races, and Drive Thru History


We did some of our science and art over at Granny's house. I like it when we save some of the fun parts of school for Granny's house. She loves being a part of what the kids are doing, but just not part of the! This gives the kids something to do thus cutting back on the amount of TV and computer time as well as snack time. Granny LOVES to give the kiddos snacks, but a half tub of Blue Bell ice cream for 2 kids is a bit much....don't ya think?

The kids had A LOT of fun sculpting the fish. I made the outline of both their fish, but that was the extent of my part. The kids, all on their own, added the texture, dimensions, and other features. They did so much better than I thought they would :-D

Brown-eyed girl's fish

Blue-eyed boy's fish

Once these dry, we will finish painting and labeling the parts of the fish next time at Granny's house.

Because we are learning about ocean animals in science, the kids participated in a few squid races and 'ink' experiments. They had fun! I was a little worried about the food coloring (namely the red) staining my bathtub, but no worries, we quickly drained the tub after our races and it all rinsed right out :)


If you have any of the Holy Land Drive Thru History DVD's, Weeks 18 and 19 would be a great time to plug in Holy Land Volume 2, Episodes #2 and #3.


There is SO much history and details and events packed into each week, it is hard to keep up with it all sometimes.  


For the lessons on drawing a flower and nature studies in Weeks 18 & 19, they drew a few things at home on their dry erase boards, then we took a trip to our new city park. It was terribly muddy b/c of all the recent rain, but the kids still had a blast!

We sorta skipped some of what was outlined in the teacher's manual and worked a little more art into our science for this week by combining in some sculpting and painting. We are not quite done with the painting part and will post pictures when that part is complete.


  1. Every time I visit your blog I am both put to shame and inspired/impressed!

    I love all that you do with your kiddos!!

    1. You are sweet, thank you. Sadly, every week is not like this. Some days we barely survive...


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