Saturday, June 15, 2013

MFW-CtG Weeks 32, 33 and, 34

Here are a few highlights from our week...

I have to admit, we didn't finish the year off quite as strong as we had hoped. Our steam had pretty much run! 

We did manage to get in a Drive Thru History video. "Greece and the Word" Episode 1 would be great to watch the last few weeks of CtG.

We had good intentions on completing the last few art projects, doing the note-booking pages, and even had hopes of putting on our own Pentathlon, BUT... none of that really happened. 

INSTEAD, we worked a lot in the garden, got a bee hive going, went camping, and lots of other things.

I promise, we did the assigned reading, we just never got to the last few projects listed in the teacher's manual. It all turned out ok though and the kids didn't seem to mind one bit ;)

We did complete ONE art project :)

My brown-eyed girl giving her oral creating writing assignment. It was about cats...hence the cat 'prop'.

My blue-eyed boy giving his oral book report

The swarm we caught

Our garden in its beginning stages....
And a few months later....

How about you? Did you finish off the year strong?

Have a great summer everyone!


  1. Thanks for sharing this post. It's great to see that you all finished your year with CtG in a great way! Are you all moving onto RtR this new year? We will be doing RtR and AHL, and will also be on the 2013/2014 MFW Blogroll with Little Natural Cottage. Hope you link up with us!

  2. Yes, we will be in RtR in just another week or so. Thanks for letting me know about the blog roll. I love seeing what works (and sometimes what doesn't) for other moms. Lots of great tips, info, and advice on others blogs too :)


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