Monday, July 4, 2011

Daily Bible Devotions - For My Kids

I want to get my kids in a good routine NOW of reading their Bibles DAILY. Hopefully this will form a good habit that will follow them into their teenage years and beyond :)

My kids are ages 6 and 8. They are reading well on their own. They both have NIrV Adventure Bibles. I like that these Bibles are written on their level and are easy to navigate around in.

Once a week, I get on-line and print out a weekly Bible Reading Plan (listed below). The passage(s) for each day is listed as well as a simple question to answer or key verse to copy each day. They also have an area to jot down things to pray about each day/week.

My kids usually do their daily devotions at night right before bed. I find this is a good quiet, wind-down activity.  

Anyway, I get the free Bible Reading Plans from  Head Heart Hand. Click on that link to read all about it and his purpose for creating it. He has two versions: one with 2 daily Bible readings (morning and evening) or just 1 Daily Bible reading.  We do Bible in the morning with our homeschooling, so I opt to use the once a day version. 

For the first single daily devotion/Bible reading, click here

For the first double daily devotion/Bible reading, click here

He has all his posts listed in order. Just click on the little black 'Bible Reading Plan' logo below each post to see all of them or to get to the next week's reading plan. 

We are currently on Week 4 of the Bible reading plan and the kids are loving it! The first week I had to help them along until they got the hang of it. Now they are doing it all on their own each night. I gather up their papers at the end of the week, file them away in a binder, and set out the new papers. I love reading over their papers at the end of each week. Seeing them learn about God and his Word makes my heart smile :)

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