Monday, July 11, 2011

A Picture Perfect Sunday Sermon

So, a friend of mine gave me an idea to get kids more involved in "Big" church and the Sunday sermon/message and...

We *love* it!

What you do is...

Outfit each person (yes, even the parents) with some paper and something to write with. We went with a notebook and pencil for each person. Younger kiddos may choose to have a few crayons. 

While the pastor is preaching, the kids try to draw a picture (or pictures) of what they think he is talking about or the main points of the sermon. They are not limited to just pictures...they can write words, phrases, key points, etc...

Here's the catch though...the parents are in on it as well :) Along with our written notes, we also jot down a picture or two. I think the lady sitting next to me probably thought I was a little kooky, but whatever ;)

After lunch, or dinner, or just anytime later that day, we all bring out our pictures. We talk about what each person drew and the main ideas we took from the sermon. 

It is an excellent time to talk and discuss the sermon, answer any questions, and to reinforcement the message and the key points.

What is wonderful is our kiddos paid more attention to the sermon and listened more intently when drawing their pictures than in the past when they just sat there or worked in some sort of activity book. And you know what? I think I did too :)

To get a 'picture' of what I am talking about...see below :)

Genesis 12:1-3

The message was about Abram listening to God, receiving direction from Him, and following His will  even if that means he has to step out of his comfort zone. The same goes for us. God is more interested in our trust and faith in Him than He is in our comfort levels. 

Bro. Mark also talked about God blessing you for following His will. This is what A picked up on. She drew a picture of her listening/talking to God. She then started to think of the ways God blesses her (and here's where her imagination takes over) creating squirrels that are fun to watch scurry through the trees and drop acorns down on people's heads or watermelons that she likes to eat and whatever is left over a fruit bat comes to munch on. LOL!

J also keyed in on the blessings part. He said greedy people who don't really have a relationship with God want Him to bless them with material things only to satisfy themselves. But Christians thank God for blessing them (in whatever way that may be) and share with others .

As you can tell, my husband prefers the writing part, but he managed to draw a little picture ;) It is about God giving us, as a family, direction and even bursting our protective bubble, if needed, to get us out of our comfort zone and into His will.

And here's mine...The first few pictures are of Abram listening to God and setting out on the path He has for him and his family. The last picture is of me peering over my protective wall of comfort.

Anyway, I hope you get the idea. And if your kiddos need a little motivation during "big" church, then definitely give it a try :)

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  1. Great idea! A few months back I started having my kids bring a notebook to journal, draw, etc.. I realized this Sunday that I think they need a little more direction because they are just doodling, etc. and not "worshipping". I want them to sing when it is time to worship through song. Listen when it is time. I had to tell my kids to put down their books and sing... It is a learning process. I accomplished part of my goal and this idea is a great way to do it better. (Anonymous is being used because I keep getting errors.. this is Shannon from co-op)


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