Monday, July 18, 2011

Exploring Countries and Cultures Kick-off!

This week was our kick-off for the new school year. Technically, we don't start till August,  so if you would like to follow along, check back at the end of the 2nd week of August for weekly highlights and reviews all year long as we explore the different countries and cultures in our Father's World :)

Our Kick-off destination???

The Sea Center features a wetland area which consists of a 1 acre salt marsh and a 3 acre freshwater marsh.

There is also a 20-foot touch tank filled with crabs, snails, fish, anemones, and the state shell of Texas - the Lightning Welk.

There are several different large aquarium areas....

Salt Marsh Aquarium
Coastal Bay Aquarium

Tropical Fish Aquarium

Jetty Aquarium

Artificial Reef Aquarium

Coral Reef Aquarium

Gulf of Mexico Aquarium

...And various other smaller aquariums

There is also a one-of-a-kind marine fish hatchery. The tour takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour and is very interesting and informative.

We also took a little time out to have some fun at the beach :)

Bring on the new school year !


  1. We are starting that unit this year too! It will be my first time using MFW and I'm really excited!

    Can you post a comment (or email me) about why you started off this way, as far as the field trip? I haven't started lesson plans yet, so I might want to incorporate some of your ideas!
    We are traveling to Corpus every few weeks and I could hit the aquarium there.

    Thanks a bunch!


  2. Hi Debbie :)

    My reasons for starting off this way were two-fold: 1) I had to pick up my little brother from my sister's house that weekend and this happened to be close by and 2) the Sea Center (and Lake Jackson) offered a variety of things we will be covering throughout the year in ECC this school year.

    ECC covers different things like ecosystems, lakes, ponds, freshwater, conservation, ecology, oceans, salt water, beaches, and coral reefs. The Sea Center and hatchery touched in one way or another on all these things and was a place where the kiddos could experience so many topics from the coming school year all in one place/area.

    The aquarium in Corpus would be a great idea! It would cover many of the same topics. They have a hatchery and visitor center in Corpus too. Like the one in Lake Jackson, admission is free for the hatchery tour, but reservations are required. Here is the link if you need it...

    I hope I have answered your questions :)

    Oh, if you haven't seen is a link to several field trip ideas for the ECC school year.

  3. We start ECC in August too! Looking forward to following your fun weeks!


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