Friday, November 18, 2011

High School Text Book TRASH

My brothers have been staying with us while my dad has been out of town for work. As I sit here this morning, my eye catches my brother's science textbook. Holt Science: Science Taks Practice Workbook  (My teenaged brother attends the local public high school here in town. )

I picked up the book and flipped to a section titled 'Evolutionary Trees'. In that section, there is a very simple tree-like diagram. It begins with protista (no picture) and from there, branches off to things like mollusca (picture of a squid), chordata (picture of fish), to arthropoda (picture of a butterfly). The book "claims" in very fact-like wordage, that the diagram shows the evolutionary relationships among these organisms. It goes on to say, using the diagram, that we can see how all animal phyla came from protistan ancestors. Wait, what?!? Ummmm, no? I do NOT clearly see that from this picture. There are no facts to back up ANYTHING they have stated here as fact. Yet, this is the filth they are passing off to our kids! 
Holt Science: Science TAKS Practice Workbook (Holt, Rinehart, and Winston)

Next, I skimmed to a chapter titled 'Evolution of Living Things'. The book briefly mentions evolution as a theory, yet, offers no other theories along side this one and instead goes on, in great detail, to talk about evolution as if it is a fact. It goes on to say how scientists have all sorts of evidence of evolution without actually giving or showing any evidence. They talk about dinosaur fossilization, yet show a fossilized dog paw print.  Talk about implanting ideas! 

They show arm diagrams (NOT to scale mind you) of a bat, penguin, human, and alligator. They *attempt* to point out the bone structure similarities between each without really pointing out anything at all and because of this, they have concluded we all "share a common ancestry". Of course, they don't dare point out all the differences. Hmmm...I wonder why? 
Holt Science: Science TAKS Practice Workbook (Holt, Rinehart, and Winston)

They also talk about something I have never heard of...cytochrome c. Because this compound is found among different species (including humans), they make the assumption that all organisms (including humans) descended from a common ancestor. Couldn't be as simple as everything having a common Creator could it? No, that would just be too easy. 

In the public school system, year after year, book after book, our kids are bombarded with these lies and mistruths. Starting as early as Kindergarten, this fairytale of evolution is slowly built. It is neatly packaged and presented, then shoveled down their throats a little at a time. A great analogy I have heard before is the frog analogy. If you throw a frog straight into a pot of boiling water, he will want to jump out IMMEDIATELY. Yet, if you take that same frog, put him in a pot of lukewarm water and simply turn up the heat a little at a time, he'll never jump out eventually cooking himself to death.

This is happening to our children! And here we are we sitting around wondering what is happening to the Biblical worldview of our kids these days ...and the scientific realm is just the tip of the iceberg. 

It's times like these that make me oh so thankful to be able to educate my children here at home. We don't shy away from evolutionary discussion either. No, they need to be aware of what lies are out there. They need to be able to differentiate the truth from fiction according to the truths from the Bible. They need to be able to stand against these lies and build a solid case for the truth of God and creation.

I am so thankful my brother loves to study up on creation vs evolution and enjoys discussing and watching DVD's on how to combat this whole evolutionary theory. It could also partly be because he loves debating his teachers, but whatever works. lol! 

If your kids
are in the public school system like my brother, pray for God's guidance as you teach and train your children. Stay on top of what they are learning and what is written in their textbooks. Give your kids the tools they so desperately need to combat these false ideas and mistruths. 

With God's help and guidance, we CAN raise kids to stand strong in a world that has turned their backs on God.

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