Friday, November 4, 2011

MFW-ECC - Week 14 - France, Monet, bats, and fall fest fun!

Our Week in Review


Given our last artsy *fail* with the soap carvings, we opted for something NOT dealing with soap. Since we are in France, we decided to try our hand at making reproductions of Monet's, the French artist, Lily Pond instead. The kids had a blast! It took us at least an hour to complete our works of art though (and yes, I got in on the action too), but the kids loved every second of it!




For directions on how to make your our kid-friendly Monet's, click here.


On Saturday, we went to a Bat 101 presentation at our local State Park. We learned all about bats, what/how they eat, where they live, etc... We also learned about caves in this week's required reading in Properties of Ecosystems. We opted not to do the little plant experiment because we are just about plant-ed out right now, so we did a fun little flapping bat craft instead.
Pull the string and the bat's wings flap up and down :) To find out how to make your own flapping bat, click here.


I was excited to enter into France this week as I have lots of fun things planned for the kiddos. Their passports were stamped, stickers stuck, and in we went. The kids took turns reading the various pages required this week in Illustrated World Atlas. Aleeya is fascinated by all the castle (chateau) talk ;)

For lunch on Friday, we had Ibex quesadillas. The kids loved them!
To find out how to create your own, click here



I don't know about the kids, but I am learning so much! Menno Simons' story is very interesting. I had no idea just how overpowering the Roman Catholic church was at that time and the lengths they went to to keep the truth of the Bible from being preached.

We are also enjoying George Muller's story. Man! He was a pretty bad kid when he was younger and even on up into his teenage and young adult years. We were so excited to hear, in chapter 3, how God took someone like George, completely turned his life around, and used him for His will. 

Here are a few other pictures which highlight some of the fun times we had this week!
Good times with mud bricks!
It's-a me-a....Mario!

Howdy Partner!

I'm-a Luigi!

Mario, Luigi, and Popstar Cowgirl

I hope you had an awesome week as well!

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  1. You had a really cool week! France is fun. I think you are getting a little ahead of us now. Your Monet art (and other pictures) were awesome.

  2. Pauline!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog and YES! Kent has been doing his recording at Ted's studio. He's a great songwriter and singer and Ted really enjoys working on his songs.

    Glad to put the two together!

  3. Love the Monet art....we are heading to France soon, so we will have to check out your links! Also love the costumes.....very cute! Thanks for linking up and sharing your week.


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