Saturday, November 12, 2011

MFW-ECC - Week 15 -

Our Week in Review

Ok, this week went by waaaay too fast. 

This week, one of the songs listed was Frere Jacques. I remember learning this song when I was younger...don't know when or where, but as soon as I heard it, the words came flooding back to my memory.

We didn't have time for the silhouettes...maybe next week.


This week was kind-of blah, but the kids had some fun with the classification activity. I forgot to take a picture, but they separated their items into 3 groups: metals, plastic, and paper. From there, they separated them into 2 sub-groups. Then they documented their findings onto notebook paper.


The kids had a blast recreating the Eiffel Tower from wafers and icing. It was quite tasty too :)

For instructions on how to create your own, click here.

You can also create a LEGO eiffel tower. Check that out here.


We learned all about William Tyndale and how he was strangled and then burned at the stake (for committing heresy according to the Church of England)  for translating the Bible into the English language so the "common" folk could understand it. Until then, things were written and read in the Latin Vulgate, so not only could the people NOT read the Bible for themselves, they also could NOT understand what was being read to them. I was so intrigued by this story and learned things that I had never known about the Church of England that I started researching his story further.
I like how one report I came across stated it..."So what had Tyndale done in his translation that was so heretical? According to David Daniell, Tyndale had translated the Greek word for 'elder' as 'elder' instead of 'priest', he had translated the Greek word for 'congregation' as 'congregation' instead of 'church', the Greek word for 'repentance' as 'repentance' instead of 'penance' etc. Why were such differences important to the church? The Roman Church has priests, not elders. A congregation implies a locally autonomous group of believers guided by the Holy Spirit and not a hierarchical unified church subject to a Pope. The Roman Church is built on penance and indulgences to the priest and Church, not repentance to, and forgiveness from God. (See Martin Luther's 95 Theses on Indulgences, the debate that sparked the Reformation). In trying to faithfully render the Greek into English, Tyndale's translation exposed the errors of the church to the people, which quickly brought the wrath of the church down on him."

Anyway, I found it all quite interesting.

We are still enjoying reading about George Muller. Hearing more of his story and all the changes he made in his life causes me to want to make some changes in mine. So, I am starting to go thru each room of my home finding things I can give away...which my husband is all in favor of ;) My husband and I are pretty simple people anyway and I am still in the first room I started in, but I have already come across a few things that I know others can use.  

Here are a few pictures highlighting the homeschool co-op Thanksgiving Feast we participated in.
S and J with their sign language class signing to song

J playing his cornet.

A playing her recorder.

S playing his cornet.

We have had an awesome, eye-openeing week. How about you?

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  1. Wow the Eiffel towers look fun and yummy!

  2. We tried the Eiffel tower with marshmallows and toothpicks....yours sound much tastier!!


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