Saturday, January 7, 2012

MFW-ECC - Week 20 - Africa, David Livingstone, and a GPS

I thought we were already done with Africa, but apparently, I skipped a week.

So, one more week in Africa it was :)

Our Week in Review
First week back since Christmas holiday went surprisingly well. The only hiccup was A's day time dance class time being changed. Arg! Just when we were getting settled into a good routine :(  We are *trying* to adjust. Next week, we'll try 'plan b' to see if that works out better.


The kiddos were intrigued by the fact that prairie dogs have a special underground toilet chamber. Leave it to my crew to find poop!


The kids had a lot of fun figuring out their "Air Alphabet" names. This was probably the activity they enjoyed the most this week. They just laughed and laughed.

Trying to get them to understand the global positioning system (GPS) of planes was less daunting when I compared it to the TomTom we use occasionally in our van. We also have a handheld GPS and do a lot of geocaching, so this came in really handy when trying to explain global positioning to them. 


We are really enjoying reading about David Livingstone. Things sure would have been a lot easier for him if he would have had a GPS back then ;)

If this was your first week back from the did it go?

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