Friday, January 20, 2012

MFW-ECC - Week 22 - Saudi Arabia, Camels, Our Environment

Our Week in Review

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the music for both this week and last week. Their favorite song from the past 2 weeks was definitely "Zum Gali Gali". 

Lots went on this week! We talked about pollution, acid rain, global warming, and camels. After learning more about global warming, the kids do wonder why the media tends to get all up in a tizzy about it...especially when the average temperature of the earth has only increased by about 1.2 degrees F in the past 130 years. They learned we need to be cautious and do out best to take care of our environment and the world God has given us, but we don't need to be in a panic mode about everything.

Below the kids are busy learning about why it is important for camels to have such large feet for walking in the sand.

We did not get a chance to try our hand at making the Hummus recipe as listed in the book A Trip Around the World. We do like hummus though and plan to make some as a treat for Dad next week. We like to eat it with pita bread or tortillas.

We just finished up chapter 8 in the book Amy Carmichael. We are excited about next week because it appears we'll be getting to the part where Amy goes to India. We are super excited to learn about India as our sponsor child, Debabrata, is from there. The kids can't wait to write to him and tell him of all they will learn about his country.  

Is there anything in particular coming up in your studies that you are super excited about?

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  1. My brother-in-law used to make it homemade all the time. It looked easy enough...I guess well find out :)

  2. I am so glad to hear of another Mommy who believes the "global warming" frenzy is ridiculous and overrated.
    Science is one of our favorite subjects here at Davis Academy. How were you using the salt to teach about the camels and the sand? Many blessings for a happy rest of the week!

    1. We were demonstrating the usefulness of camels having large feet to get around in sandy areas. First, we pushed a pencil (representing an animals leg) into the salt (which represented sand). The 'small foot' easily sunk into the sand. Then we stuck a quarter (using sticky tac) to the end of a pencil eraser (to represent a camel's large flat foot) and showed how the 'large foot' did not sink as easily in the salt.


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