Thursday, January 12, 2012

MFW-ECC - Week 21 - Asia - Saudi Arabia

Our Week in Review

This week, the kids made No-Ruz Centerpieces. We left off the grass plate part and focused on the pencil box part. The kids didn't cover their boxes quite as well as I hoped they would, but they were their creations and they are happy with them the way they are. They had fun and have been using them all week to hold their pencils, erasers, and other items.

We talked about man's impact on the environment, endangered species, and extinctions.

The kids are still enjoying 'passport days' and are very interested in all the different flags of countries in each continent we come to.  

We finished up David Livingstone. This was not one of my overall favorites, I think, because it seemed to have more death and sadness to me than the other stories we have read so far. Don't get me wrong, he was an amazing missionary who stored up amazing treasures in Heaven, and really paved the way for the Gospel to be spread throughout Africa. But, his story just had a lot of sadness to it too.

On a different note - Who knew a popcorn popper could be so much fun :)
They really like it when the kernels pop and fly half-way across the room.

We are looking forward to next week and hope you are as well :)


  1. It looks like you guys had a great week....popcorn and all!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Too much fun going on over there!!!! Looks like a great week.


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