Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Burning Bush via a Rolling Cart ;)

The Christian school where my nephews attend was cleaning out and getting rid of a lot of things. My sis asked me if I wanted to have a nice rolling cart with marker board because no one else wanted it. Really?! Those things are super nice and expensive. I'm sure I knew someone in my circle who wanted it. Eventually, it made its way to my house where it sits in the back of my school room in front of the fireplace we never use...because we live in South Texas and a fireplace is nothing more than a decorative area ;)

All the while, remember, we are still searching for a new home. My husband and I had tossed around the idea of adding a bedroom on to our current home, but with an L-shaped house, that is not always easy to do and there's the headache of living in a home that is being renovated and that was just not something we wanted to do. 

We did decide to start doing a few updates to our home tho, you know, to get it ready to sell... clean out clutter, paint a few walls, update the master bathroom, clean up the yard, etc...   While doing this, a thought kept occurring to me.... look at what you have's more than enough...and it's already paid off.

I kept pushing that thought back. What was I thinking! It was NOT enough room...sure, if I closed in my school room we'd get that extra bedroom, but that was NOT happening. I NEEDED my school room!

Over the Christmas holidays, my sis borrowed my school table for a family get together. I kept forgetting to get it back...and you know what, we did ok for those few weeks of school. I found that the dining room table doubles quite nicely as a school table ;)  Without that school table, the kids did their school work all over the house (their bedrooms, the couch, the floor) rather than just staying mostly in the school room at the school room table. 

Little by little, the things I thought I NEEDED, I found were really just wants and I could do without. But God, if I got rid of my school room, where would I put my wall marker my dining room?!? I love my marker board. I know, it's kind of a weird obsession. It's one of my staples. I use it every single day. I need it, but I'm not sure I want that thing hanging up in my dining room :( 

Then I glance over and see that rolling cart...complete with marker board. 

Seriously, God, did you send my burning bush via a rolling cart?


  1. Haha!! I love this story! That would be SO like God to meet your need - even before you knew it was a need!!

    Sometimes we get so focused on what's on the other side, that we miss the provision right in front of us. As you've already read in my story, that's exactly what we did.

    I always tell my guys to start praying in a different way, when you feel stuck. We tend to stick ourselves with a certain "need" and if we would only change our prayers, we would have a whole new perspective.

    I can't wait to read the rest of the story as it unfolds!

    1. I am absolutely loving reading about your old farm house! The name hidden under the sheetrock?...priceless ;)


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