Monday, January 25, 2016

The "F" Word...

The "F" word....It's something I have been praying about, thinking about, and occasionally conversing about with my husband...


If adding my brother into the homeschooling mix wasn't enough, my husband and I feel God had laid it on our heart to begin fostering. So, in September, we started taking classes. Fast forward to January and we are only about half way through the process. We could have been done by now, but there have been several distractions getting in the way...major layoffs at my husband job, contentment issues, and just the regular ol' chaos of everyday life. 

I see now how God has been helping me work through my issues with control and change and flexibility...things I will definitely need when fostering. I look at what we have going on currently and I get overwhelmed thinking about how we are going to do all that AND foster :/

I need to trust, that if God has told us to do something, He will supply us with whatever we need when the time comes in order to do that something. I let the worry of future things get in the way of my present things all too often.

I also "think" I "need" too many things before we start fostering, problem is, I'm getting my NEEDS and WANTS all mixed up. 

One of those being our home. Ok God, if you want me to do this, then I'm going to NEED a bigger house.

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