Friday, January 28, 2011

Review of Week 21

I love that my kids love to read!

A is still working on The Courage of Sarah Noble. She sort of got side tracked on a new series called That's Nat!. She absolutely loves them! They are all Christian based about a little school aged girl named Natalie.

J is my speed reader. He reads books faster than I can get my hands on em. He's already gone through his new series, The Sugar Creek Gang, also Christian based. He finished up Farmer Boy a day or two ago and is about half way through Mountain Born already.

Yes, I know several of these books are read-alouds for MFW, but we just never seem to find the time to get to them with everything else we have going on. So, the kids read these in their spare time.

A is getting much better at her math facts. She loves when I hide the flashcards and she finds them one at a time and answers them. 

J and S are learning things I know I never did in the 3rd grade equations... and they are pretty good at them too.

The state studies are going ok. A loves everything about them. She could color for hours. J pretty much does the bare minimum...state flag, state abbreviation, and state capitol. Every now and then he feels like going all out.

The kids enjoyed learning about Robert Fulton. They wondered how he was able to keep the water out of his diving ship while he attached a bomb to another boat. Hmmm...I guess we'll be looking that up this weekend on the internet :) 


  1. We love Sugar Creek Gang!!! Missed you at the park!! :)

  2. We only have the first 6 books of Sugar Creek Gang. I'm trying to get Jase to read everything else we have in the house first, then I told him we can look into getting our hands on some more of the other books. Jennifer told me about a series called Blast to/from? the Past that Jase may be interested in.

    We missed you guys at the park too. We'll definitely be at the Valentine Party next co-op though :)


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